Complete guide to select your foam rollers and massage balls



Stretching everyday but still cannot get rid of the tightness? Don't forget to release your myofascia, and use the massage tools below to alleviate the tightness, improve your mobility and speed up recovery: 

Foam Roller

Massaging yourself with foam rollers can stimulate your nervous system to relax your muscle, speeding up body recovery and improve mobility.

When using foam rollers, we can use our own weight to pressure the tensed parts, rolling back and forth to massage. Try to exert suitable pressure that your body can handle to prevent injury.

When choosing your foam rollers, you can consider the design, hardness, and size for your needs. The hard ones with ridges will bring stronger stimulation; the smooth and soft ones are less paintful to use and are fit for stretching and training.

Check out our online store and find your best-fitted foam rollers: 

massage foam rollers to release muscle pain and sore
extra-soft massage and mobility roller for everyone

This massage and mobility roller is made of extra-soft material, minimising irritation and discomfort when using; even beginners and seniors can manage to use with ease.

mni foam roller that is portable and light

This mini foam roller is smooth and portable. During training, you can even use it to change the intensity of your movements and bring variations.

3-in-1 basic massage kit that contains message stick, massage ball, and foam roller. Powerful set to cater different needs.

The 3-in-1 basic massage kit contains the foam roller, massage ball and stick, giving you comprehensive support for recovery.


When self-massaging, you may notice certain muscle trigger points are particularly sore and tensed. Though small size massage balls cannot deal with large scale muscle, they can focus on massaging specific areas and trigger points.

Different from massage rollers, massage balls are portable and easy to use anytime anywhere. They come in different designs and you can choose the most suitable ones for your needs. For example, the peanut-shaped massage balls are fit for massaging the back and also the either side of the spine.

Check out our online store and find your best-fitted massage ball: 

massage ball that suitable for specific areas and trigger points.
A massage ball that's ideal for massaging sore parts of the body.

This solid and smooth massage ball is made of extra-hard and wear-resistant material. Easy to carry and durable, this is your must-have accessory for soothing the tense body parts.

this message has It is ideal shape for massaging the neck, back, calves, etc.

The peanut-shaped massage ball enables you to massage with ease your back, calf, neck, and also muscles on either side of the bone. 

This popular Decathlon mini massage gun gives your body a deeply SPA without any effort.

Lighter than 500 g, this mini massage gun comes with 4 stage strength and allows you to effortlessly relax your tensed muscle after doing exercises.