How to choose different types of football boots? 

Is it okay to wear casual shoes to play football? Of course not!

Football players need a lot of turning and shifting, and the shoes' grip and cushioning cannot be underestimated. There are different types of football boots designed for different surfaces, such as hard ground football boots and studs boots for artificial grass fields.

football illustration

Usually, we play soccer with dry pitch or hard pitch shoes. In fact, different soles are used in different fields with different purposes. If we choose the right shoes, players will not slide and the knees don't feel pain after the match.

The most common pitch in Hong Kong is the artificial grass field because maintenance is easier than the real grass field. With the higher maintenance cost, there are fewer and fewer real grass courts in Hong Kong.


Hard ground

Since the artificial grass field is mainly composed of rubber particles, the distribution of rubber particles may not be even, sometimes players are struck in the ground when running and get hurt eventually. Generally, players will choose the hard ground football boots on this field. These kinds of spikes are short and suitable for hard and dry fields, they provide stability and comfort.

When players need to compete on a real grass pitch, football shoes should provide excellent grip, and spikes should also be inserted into the softer turf so that players can turn and sprint quickly.


Do you know the difference between different football shoe uppers?

Mix ground(mg) sole

Decathlon's team has developed the mix ground (mg) sole. The length of the football boot studs is moderate, and the studs are relatively dense. While ensuring a good grip, it can effectively reduce the load on the knee, and the MG is more durable so that you can compete in any kind of turf.


Futsal (flat hard ground or cement floor

Apart from the grass field, most of the football pitches in Hong Kong are flat floor (wooden or cement floor). Therefore, we do not need football shoes with studs but with rubber soles. Cushioning and anti-slip are the main considerations for choosing football shoes to play on a flat floor.