How to choose your dynamic yoga outfit?

There are many styles of yoga, each with their own specificities. Follow our advice to choose the right products for your dynamic yoga practice.

How to choose your dynamic yoga outfit?

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Since you’ll be doing poses that can be very acrobatic, pants have a tendency to stretch and move with your body (for example, when you’re in downward dog). It’s important to have pants that remain opaque, no matter what position you’re in, so people don’t see anything they shouldn’t!

Freedom of movement

A dynamic yoga practice requires agility and flexibility. Opt for clothing that fits close to the body, like a second skin, which will be comfortable, and won’t move around when you’re doing more intense poses, such as anything inverted. You can also choose seamless clothing, or clothing with seams that won’t chafe or bother you during your practice. If you really want to disconnect and recenter on your practice, you want clothing that you don’t even have to think about while you move from pose to pose.

How to choose your dynamic yoga outfit?


Breathable materials are essential for dynamic styles of yoga, since these styles are generally more physically demanding and sweaty than softer yoga styles. For dynamic yoga, it’s best to choose light, technical materials that are breathable and allow sweat to pass through, keeping you nice and dry.