How to choose running shoes?

When it comes to running, first, you need to choose the right pair of running shoes. People tend to think that the costliest shoes from top brands are the best. This is a huge misconception. You should choose the pair which fit your feet, your stride and your running style perfectly. A wrong pair of running shoes will make you feel uncomfortable and you could end up with painful ankles, heels or shin pain.

running shoes

There are 2 main criteria for choosing the right shoes to reach your goal:
1.Running Type (road running or trail running)   2. Running Intensity

RUNNING|How to Choose Running Shoes

1. Running type

RUNNING|How to Choose Running Shoes
RUNNING|How to Choose Running Shoes

2. Running intensity

RUNNING|How to Choose Running Shoes

Expert tips

Purchase timing:

It is suggested to buy running shoes at the end of the day because continuous movement of your legs throughout the day makes your feet swell. Your shoes should fit their maximum size. While running too, your feet would swell and they should not feel uncomfortable at that time.

Toe rules:

You should always go for shoes having a gap of at-least ½ to 1 inch between your big toe and the front end of the shoes. While running, your feet slide inside the shoe so you should have enough space to avoid black nails which could be really painful.