Swimming - burn calories with 3 weeks training plan

Want to lose weight? Swimming is an efficient way to burn fat and calories. To start your swimming sessions smoothly without going overboard straight away, Nabaiji has put together a special “back to the water” swimming training plan for you, inspired by the best methods that help to burn fat and calories and help you get back in shape!

burn calories with swimming

It all boils down to adjusting our swimming training plan to incorporate changes in strokes, equipment and rhythm, while taking advantage of rest times.  ~~You can easily adapt this to all levels. Simply change the distances of each part depending on your comfort level.~~Thus seasoned swimmers can add the butterfly stroke (the king of calorie-burning) to this workout!   ~~No more excuse , let’s get ready to work hard and dive into the water!

Training session:45mins - 1hour /3 times a week

warm-up (15 minutes)

The most important part of your swimming training plan. Warm up for 15 minutes to wake up all your joints and muscles. Increasing your heart rate will also help you to tap into your reserves faster during your session. It also in a way prevents you from injury and keeps you safe.

- 50 meters Front Crawl
- 25 meters Backstroke
- 25 meters Breaststroke
- 25 meters Butterfly
- 25 meters Backstroke
- 25 meters Breaststroke
- 25 meters Front Crawl

Repeat this routine at least 4 times, or more depending on your ease. Don’t hesitate to accelerate over 25 metres during each repetition to get the cardio up faster.

TOTAL : 400 metres

• Series (25 minutes)

The suggested exercises include alternating different swim strokes, equipment and speed, forcing the body to adapt quickly and thus spend more energy.

- 75 meters Backstroke at moderate pace
- 25 meters Backstroke at fast pace
- 25 meters Double arm Backstroke, slowly  (30 seconds of rest and hydration)

- 75 meters Breaststroke at moderate pace
- 25 meters Breaststroke at fast pace
- 25 meters Double arm Backstroke, slowly  (30 seconds of rest and hydration)

- 75 meters Front Crawl at moderate pace
- 25 meters Front Crawl at fast pace
- 25 meters Double arm Backstroke, slowly

EXERCICE 4 (Optional series)
- 75 meters Butterfly at moderate pace
- 25 meters Butterfly at fast pace
- 25 meters Double arm backstroke, slowly

The routine should be repeated 3 times. The first time with a pull buoy and swim paddles, the second time with the pull kick and fins, the third time the full stroke (without equipment).  ~~TOTAL : 1,125 meters or 1,500 meters  

• rest (5 minutes)

Now, cool down while swimming slowly so that the body can relax little by little but continue to burn calories. Don’t forget to relax your muscles and concentrate on your swimming technique.

- 25m undulations
- 25m kicking on the back
- 25m scissor movements
- 25m kicking on the stomach)

TOTAL : 200 meters

Well done, you've finished!

Pat yourself on the back! You have just crammed no less than two kilometres of swimming into just one hour! Was the recovery difficult? Don’t worry, regular sessions will make it more and more easy and fun. Repeat this swimming training plan can help you to lose weight, burn calories, and also fat.

Don’t forget to stretch and hydrate to prevent muscle aches the next day. Don’t hesitate to take a cold shower after swimming to increase circulation and speed up recovery and... Burn calories!

See you very soon for a new workout!