Choose the right swimming towel for yourself?

Picking out the best swim towel for your time at the pool can help you dry off faster and make sure that you are leaving the sea water or chlorinated water behind. Here are some choices for you!


Choosing the right towels

Swimming towel is always one of the most essential materials that you won’t forget. The function is very simple: to help you dry-off ASAP and in comfort after the exhausting training and competition. There are dozens of choices in towels: traditional cotton towel, wet towel, microfiber towel, and dry-off towel. While basic in functions, towels can be problematic. For instance, a traditional towel takes forever to dry off and bulky to carry around. Also, a wet towel makes your swimming bag heavier and needs a longer time to dry off as well. 

1. Microfiber towel

In terms of function, microfiber towel is liked by many different users. It is very handy, compact, and absorbent that you can take it with you everywhere. The quick-drying and absorbent features are very suitable for the swimmers who are in and out of the pool multiple times. In the meantime, you can choose a larger size to wrap yourself up to the restroom or bathroom. Apart from that, it is tiny in size that you can save up space in your swimming bag. In fact, you can not only use it in the pool but also in the fitness center, studio, and traveling.

Microfiber towel

2. Microfiber towel with button

Basically, it is the same as the normal microfiber towel when it comes to the function. Yet, this small button makes a great difference . With the new design, the click button can wrap yourself up tight without falling it off. Therefore, you can free both hands to carry other swimming materials.

 2. Microfiber towel with button

3. Dryoff sport towel

Have you ever thought a towel can dry you up even if it is wet? Like the microfiber towel, it is suitable for the swimmers who constantly get in and out of the pool, especially divers. It can absorb tons of water quickly and you can use it over and over again without being water-logged. It feels almost rubberized but it will become tough when it is dried. It is ideal for divers or swimmers who want big functions with small sizes. 

4. Serviette towel

If you are looking for a towel that has both traditional and microfiber towel functionality, you should go for a serviette towel. Compared to the microfiber towel, it is softer so it gives you a taste of the traditional cotton towel.  Although it is not as quick drying as the microfiber towels, it is still more absorbent than the usual cotton towels. In terms of storage, even though you can roll it into a smaller size, it still takes more space than a microfiber towel. In my opinion, you can choose its hair towel to dry your hair quickly and comfortably with smaller storage size. 

Serviette towel

5. Bathrobes/ poncho

Actually, there are several materials for swimming bathrobes in the market. Commonly seen is cotton, then microfiber. It is ideal for winter swimmers and outdoor swimmers that can keep you warm after getting out of the water. The cotton bathrobe is soft and comfortable, but bulky. Some people will wear it and go back home directly after getting out of the water. On the other hand, the microfiber bathrobe also does its function well. It is more absorbent, quick-drying and compact compared to cotton. You can wear it in and out of the water constantly, like the water polo players. However, the bathrobes are more suitable for kids and adults. What about babies? Parents can choose babies poncho which also provide the same function as bathrobes.