Yoga | 3 detox yoga moves for beginners to cleanse your mind and body

A clean and tidy environment doesn’t seem enough to keep you calm, probably you need an inside-out detox. Learn the 3 simple detox beginner yoga poses, and embrace the best of yours. There is a lot of yoga brand in HK, we will help to pick the perfect yoga product for your home practice. Let’s get started.


1. Revolved side angle pose (parivrtta parsvakonasana) (with yoga pad)

Parivrtta is the meaning of rotation, which means twisting the body, one of the basic detox yoga poses. This action can stimulate the thighs and calves, so that the legs are symmetrical and firm. It can also correct the spine and pelvis and stretch the sides of the body. Even if space is limited in your office or home, it's enough for you to do this convenient and powerful action.


1. Kneel, stand on one foot, hands on waist

2. Put your hands together on your chest, turn your upper body to the left, and press your right elbow against the outside of your left knee

3. Stretch your knees on your hind legs, move your center of gravity forward, and pull your shoulders back.


2. Revolved triangle pose (utthita trikonasana) (with yoga brick)

The first detox yoga move is not too difficult, right? Challenge yourself with a more difficult pose! Trikona means triangle. This pose combines both the triangle and twisting poses to massage the internal organs, and relieve the stiffness in legs, hips, shoulders and your back. It takes time to practise and train your sense of balance before you can perform the pose well.


1. Starting with the mountain pose with your feet wide open. Balance your weight on both feet. Extend your arms parallel to your shoulders with palms down

2. Extend your right foot, turn your toe 90 degrees outwards. As you exhale, bend your body to the right, your right hand touches the ground behind your right foot, and your left arm extends upward

3. Keep your waist straight and make sure your body bends sideways instead of forward or backward

4. Take long, deep breaths, and stretch as far as possible. Repeat on the other side


3. Head-to-knee pose (janu sirsasana) (with yoga strap)

Haven't had time to do yoga after a busy day? Before you sleep, you can still sit in bed and stretch yourself! The head-to-knee pose is a classic detox beginner yoga pose. It can squeeze the internal organs and abdomen, help digestion, and loosen hamstrings.


1. Kneel down on one knee with your left foot, keep the front leg at 90-degree, and your right knee touching the floor. Yoga knee or wrist pads can be placed underneath to reduce discomfort

2. Straighten your arms, raise your head, and move your centre of gravity forward

3. Hold 5 to 7 breaths and repeat on the other side


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