Yoga|Relax with yoga bolster cushion

Overwhelmed by work or stress? Let's lie down, only take 30 minutes a week and you can relieve the stress easily.

瑜珈 | 瑜珈教學:瑜珈枕放鬆舒壓

Yoga bolster cushion is a common accessory in practicing yoga. Using the cushion properly could let your body stretch better. It helps on practicing your breath and stress relieving as well. 


Reminder before your practice...

1. If you are ill or feeling unwell, you should consult your doctor before your practice.

2. Please be cautious when practicing the forward bending pose if you have heart disease, high blood pressure or high intraocular pressure.

3. If your lumbar spine is hurt, please slow it down when you are practicing.

4. Love your body and do not over-train yourself.

5. Try not to practice when you are fasted or when you had your meal within an hour.

6. To achieve a better result, level of your practice should be tuned based on individual fitness level.

7. You must breathe with your nose when practicing yoga. Please keep breathing in a steady and regular rhythm throughout the exercise.

Equipments you may need


1. Open the chest and shoulder

Relax the whole upper body

2. Lower back relax

Improve the flexibility and relieve the pressure of your back. Also can toning your glutes!

3. Head-to-toe

Can fully extend your back and spine. Hamstring will be stretched as well.

4. Corpse Pose

Bending your knees can let your back fully on the ground. It can let  your back and lower body are more relax.


Easy to clean: The cushion cover is removable.

Adjust the cushion's intensity or softness: the inside cotton can be removed to your suitable level. 

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Try to use some tools!