A User Membership programme has been set up by Decathlon Hong Kong Co. Limited, known as "Decathlon" below.

The User Membership program is offered to all users who can provide a valid email address, referred to as the "Cardholder"or "Member".

On presentation of the Decathlon Virtual Card/Membership Number, the User Membership programme is valid for any purchase made online or in the store:

  • In all Decathlon stores in the Hong Kong, where Decathlon’s passion brand is present and the User Membership programme is applied.
  • Via www.decathlon.hk
The Decathlon Membership and Decathlon Virtual Card is free of charge.


In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply:

Membership Programme means Decathlon’s User Membership programme under which a member will be issued a Decathlon Virtual card;

Decathlon Card means a card issued to a Decathlon User that has successfully registered to the User Membership Programme; Decathlon Hong Kong members will receive Virtual card which is a digital format Decathlon Card.

1 – Terms and conditions of use

1.1 These terms and conditions of use set forth the conditions upon which Decathlon administers its User Membership Programme. By agreeing to participate in the User Membership Programme the cardholder accepts the terms and conditions set out in this document.

1.2 These terms and conditions of use are available free of charge upon request at Decathlon in-store information desk or online at www.decathlon.hk.

1.3 All User Membership Programme cardholders must provide his/her email address for registration.

1.4 Cardholders of the User Membership Programme must keep Decathlon updated of any personal detail changes. Decathlon cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred by inaccurate personal detail. Cardholders should ensure that any name or address changes are reported via one of the following methods:

1.5 The User Decathlon Card, and/or Virtual card and/or any benefit conferred by such card is not transferable, cannot be, sold, bought, traded and/or copied in any way and can only be used by the cardholder who is named and registered as the User Decathlon Card holder.

1.6 Decathlon Virtual card remains the responsibility of the User Membership Programme cardholder, as do any security details relating to the account. Decathlon cannot be held responsible for any loss arising from the cardholder failing to ensure the safe-keeping of these items.

1.7 Decathlon may, at any time, decline to issue, withdraw, cancel or terminate any Decathlon Card and/or Virtual Card in whatever form, and/or remove a cardholder from the User Membership Programme where Decathlon reasonably believes there has been:

  • 1.7.1 any abuse or attempted abuse of the scheme;
  • 1.7.2 any fraudulent use of the card by the cardholder and/or any third party acting on behalf of the cardholder;
  • 1.7.3 any breach or attempted breach of these terms and conditions;
  • 1.7.4 any behaviour relating to the User Membership Programme or Decathlon that involves theft, misconduct, abusive or offensive behaviour, or supplying false or misleading information.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, where Decathlon declines to issue, withdraws, cancels or terminates any Decathlon Card, Virtual Card, Gift Card and/or benefit on the grounds outlined at paragraphs 1.7.1 to 1.7.4 above, the cardholder shall not be entitled to any compensation of any kind whatsoever.

1.8 A cardholder of the User Membership Programme may leave the scheme at any time. By leaving the User Membership Programme, cardholders forfeit the right to any gift cards and benefits already accrued or issued.

1.9 The Decathlon Virtual Card are free of charge.

2 Application for the Decathlon User Membership Programme

2.1 To participate in the User Membership Programme, Users must complete an application form available either:

  • 2.1.1 On our 'My Card' Tablets from which their Decathlon Virtual Cards will be dispensed; or
  • 2.1.2 Online - by going to www.decathon.hk then clicking 'my Decathlon card'. Subject to correctly completing the application form, Users will be issued with an online User Membership account and a Virtual Card.
  • 2.1.3 Download Decathlon Application and register from User Membership Account in the application.

2.2 The User Membership Programme is for personal and consumer use only. No Decathlon Card, Virtual Card, Voucher, e-Voucher or Gift Card and/or other benefit conferred by the User Membership Programme may be used for any business transaction or purpose.

2.3 The User Membership Programme and any Decathlon Card and/or Virtual Card are valid at all Decathlon stores in Hong Kong. The programme is also valid online at www.decathlon.hk.

3 Benefits of the User Membership Programme

3.1 User Membership Programme cardholders will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • 3.1.1 Exclusive product testings for member.
  • 3.1.2 Enroll to events held by Decathlon.
  • 3.1.3 Exclusive services, e.g. Extended Refund & Exchange Period to 365 days.
  • 3.1.4 E-Receipts for Easy Exchanges/Refund. You can do any refund/exchange without a receipt as the details of your purchases are registered in your Decathlon Card when presenting it at the moment of the purchase.
  • 3.1.5 Personalized Sports Advice and Content. Regularly issue sports news, tips and other exciting content that are custom-made for members only.
4 Lost and/or stolen membership

4.1 In the event that the Decathlon membership account is not able to access or stolen, the cardholder should inform Decathlon User Services as soon as possible. The Decathlon Account can also be retrieved from My Account page in our website: www.decathlon.hk.

5 By being part of the Decathlon Membership Programme, the customer benefits from the following additional services:

5.1 When Decathlon or one of its providers, makes a decision for quality reasons and / or safety, a retreat from the sale and / or the return of a product, Decathlon has the possibility to contact personally to each customer present in the scheme (service offered for all purchases made using the Decathlon Virtual Card at the till). The information will be send, subject to DECATHLON, by email, mail, or phone call. Decathlon doesn’t take responsibility if the customer details are outdated.

5.2 Possibility to exchange items purchased in store or online without presenting the receipt.

5.3 The customer will automatically receive emails related to membership programme.

5.4 Decathlon Hong Kong communicates to the customers about special offers, news and sporting events organized by your local store. Unless the customer has expressly communicated the desire not to receive these communications.

6 Liability
  • 6.1 User’s liability

    6.1.1 The Decathlon Card is personal and non-transferrable. Consequently, the User is responsible for his Decathlon Card, which he /she undertakes to use according to these terms and conditions. The User is solely liable for any use he/she may make of his/her username and password and is the sole guarantor of their confidentiality, and of any use made of his/her Membership card account. As such, the User undertakes in particular (non-limiting list):

    • (a) to create only one DECATHLON Membership card in his/her name;
    • (b) to guarantee the accuracy of all information given to DECATHLON when joining the User Membership Programme;
    • (c) to ensure that the data communicated to DECATHLON make it possible to contact him/her (mobile number, email), are secure and used solely by the Membership cardholder;
    • (d) to relieve DECATHLON of liability in the event of use by an unauthorised third party of the benefits acquired by the User as part of its Membership programme;
    • (e) to inform DECATHLON of any unauthorised use of his/her Membership card and of any breach of the confidentiality and security of his/her means of identification;

  • 6.2 Liability of Decathlon

    6.2.1 Decathlon undertakes to do everything possible to guarantee the User optimal use of the services associated with the Decathlon Card. However, Decathlon shall not be liable to any User Membership Programme cardholder for any damages, losses, costs and/or expenses incurred whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise and howsoever arising relating to the User Membership Programme or the cardholder's use of the card and/or any benefit conferred on the cardholder by virtue of the User Membership Programme, including (without limitation) in respect of any delays, delivery errors and/or connection problems.

    6.2.2 Nothing in this clause 5 shall affect any statutory rights that the User has including any rights in relation to defective goods supplied by us.

7 Modifications to or suspension of the Decathlon User Membership Programme

7.1 The Decathlon Card/ Virtual card shall be valid for the lifetime of the User Membership Programme. However, Decathlon reserves at all times.

7.2 All cardholders that continue to use the User Membership Programme scheme after such a change will be deemed to have accepted the updated terms and conditions.

7.3 All cardholders acknowledge and accept that these terms and conditions replace all previous versions.

7.4 The User is invited to read regularly the last updated version, accessible at your local store or on our website ( www.decathlon.hk)

8 Collection and protection of personal data
  • 8.1 Recipients of the data

    8.1.1 The data collected through the Decathlon User Membership Programme is intended for the Decathlon Hong Kong Co. Ltd, in his capacity as data controller. This information is also handled by the DECATHLON SA Group. But Decathlon SA Group and Decathlon Hong Kong will not own, rent or sell all the personal data

    8.1.2 Decathlon may be able to transfer the personal data of its Users to the suppliers in charge of some parts of the administration of the User Membership Programme. But Decathlon Hong Kong and its suppliers will not own, rent or sell all the personal data.

    8.1.3 The User is informed that Decathlon may be subject to the provision of such data when it is imposed by the competent authorities, including following a request of the judicial authority. In all other cases, Decathlon does not transmit to third parties the personal data of its Users without their agreement.

  • 8.2 Aims of treatment

    8.2.1 The personal data collected in the framework of this User Membership Programme are subject to computer processing, and compliance within the legal framework in force. These treatments allow the delivery of Decathlon Card/virtual Card, the User’s account management, the provision of benefits and services associated with the User Membership Programme, processing orders, etc.

    8.2.2 The personal data collected will be handled by SAS Decathlon, through education and marketing activities and statistics to provide the User with the most adapted offers to their sporting preferences, to monitor the quality of the products and services offered, and subject to the User’s prior approval, to allow marketing by any channel type (email, phone & social media, etc.).

  • 8.3 Data Protection

    8.3.1 The User is informed that he has a right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of personal data. These rights may be exercised:

    • (a) By requesting it at the reception of your local store (upon presentation of proof of identity).
    • (b) Via the personal account "My Decathlon Card" available on the website www.decathlon.hk (except the right to cancel)

    8.3.2 The User may also request not to receive marketing communications, even if he had given his approval before. To do this, the User can use the contact methods mentioned above. These means allow the User to stop this type of communication (for technical reasons, allow up to days for the unsubscription to take effect).

    8.3.3 The cardholder acknowledges and accepts that the information provided by the cardholder on the Decathlon Card/Virtual Card application form is required to process and issue the cardholder with the Decathlon Virtual Card.

    8.3.4 The personal information gathered for the purposes of the User Membership Programme is subject to computer processing, which is carried out in accordance with the laws in force.

    8.3.5 The cardholder has the right to access and correct personal information concerning him or her that is held by Decathlon. The User can exercise this right to access and correct his or her personal information as follows:

    • (a) by logging onto the cardholder’s User account at www.decathlon.hk ; or
    • (b) by sending message in our website.
    • (c) by sending email at customer@decathlon.com

    8.3.6 By agreeing with these Terms & Conditions the User accepts to be contacted about any non promotional subject related with the User Membership Programme. This communication shall be made in order to provide, by any channel (electronic or not), the services and information of our programme. The User is informed that the first transfer of data occurs in this moment. This agreement may be revoked at any time by emailing to the User Membership Programme team, at customer@decathlon.com. The User is informed that the delivery of the data contained in this application is mandatory and its absence or incorrectness empowers the programme to deny their involvement. The sections not marked with * are optional and will not deny the application.

9 General

9.1 Decathlon will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of any of our obligations under these terms that is caused by events outside Decathlon’s reasonable control (“Force Majeure Event”). Decathlon’s obligations under these terms are suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues, and Decathlon will extend the time to perform these obligations for the duration of that period.

9.2 These terms shall be governed by Hong Kong Law. The cardholder and Decathlon both agree to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong courts.