16" CITY Bike Blue

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Want a light bike that's easy to handle? Our 16" 900 bike is great for kids (105 to 120 cm tall) on all of their most intense adventures!

With its aluminium parts, this bike weighs just 7.3 kg when fully equipped! The chainguard, stand and mudguard make this bike reassuring and versatile. Available in 2 colours.

Color: prussian blue

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Products benefits


7.3 kg thanks to the aluminium frame, handlebar and seat post and micro drive

Ease of learning

The lowered frame makes it easy to get on. Compatible with our 16" stabilisers.

Brake control

"Stop easy" is an exclusive braking system adapted to small hands.

Ease of use

Mudguards to protect against splashes and a stand for easy storage.

Bike safety

The chain guard protects the child from the parts of the drivetrain.


16" CITY Bike Blue
16" CITY Bike Blue
16" CITY Bike Blue
16" CITY Bike Blue

Technical information

Stop Easy innovation: a patented braking system designed for children.

More accessible brakes and a more comfortable grip are the main benefits of our Stop Easy system. For more natural movement, the brake lever is pressed parallel to the handlebars. Whilst progressive, this innovative brake lever also provides 30% more braking power compared to a conventional brake lever. An innovation from our B'Twin team, loved by both parents and children.

Frame material and shape

We had to choose aluminium for this bike's frame because we wanted to make it as light as possible. It weighs 960 g. The aluminium also makes it rustproof: even when exposed to a harsh environment (damp, sand) it won't rust.
Its shape is slightly shorter than our other 16" models: the bike is more responsive while offering an upright position. A good balance between comfort and agility to support budding young cyclists

Wheels / tyres

These tyres are equipped with an inner tube (inflatable). Their shape gives them a good grip on everyday terrain (paths, grass, etc.).

What type of braking system is equipped?

Brake efficiently thanks to the two V-brake brake pads.
These brakes are composed of callipers that exert more or less pressure on the rim to slow or stop the rotation of the wheels.

Can stabilisers be added?

Yes, if your child needs them. Our 16" B'Twin stabilisers are compatible with all our bikes in this size. They are practical and can be fitted without tools.

What about comfort?

We've carefully considered children's morphology: the width of the handlebars and the diameter of the grips are sized for their small hands. The foam saddle provides a comfortable seat.

The bike that grows with your child!

The saddle is height-adjustable (using a size 6 Allen key) so it can grow with your child. The saddle height can be adjusted from 47.8 to 60.6cm.Our bikes meet the Children's Bike standard (ISO 8098), which is why we cannot offer a tool-free (quick-release) saddle height adjustment system.

What is a guard for?

To prevent children from putting their fingers where they shouldn't, the mechanical elements of the drive train (crank, chain, freewheel, etc.) are surrounded by the guard. It also prevents the risk of laces getting caught and clothes being dirtied.
The decorations are set into the plastic of the guard for greater durability.

What inspired this design?

For the racing version, our designer has chosen red, which instantly makes you think of race cars. The graphics leave plenty up to your imagination. They depict the inside of a car to get young riders buzzing with enthusiasm! For the city model, he has opted for a "chic" blue set off with a touch of "Molitor" yellow (like the iconic Parisian swimming pool!). The graphics make you think of a famous scooter brand. It's a look that will appeal to kids of all ages!

What accessories are supplied with the bike?

A bell, wheel reflectors (reflective parts attached to the spokes).

Assembled product dimensions

Length: 110cm
Width: 48cm Height: 68.5cm


Lifetime (frame, stem, handlebars). Availability of spare parts: 2 years.

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main part 100% Aluminium

User Restrictions

Wear a cycling helmet while riding.Maximum user weight:30kg

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