Adjustable Band for Pull-Up Assistance

Ref. : 8643988

A band to install on any pull-up bar to help you progress in your workouts at home, at the gym, or at the park.

Do you have trouble doing pull-ups on your bar? Our assistant is easy to use and adjustable to help you improve. No more pain, it's time to gain!

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Products benefits


Adjustable level of resistance thanks to the 2 buckles on the sides.

Ease of learning

This product allows you to learn to do pull-ups thanks to the adjustable assistance

Ease of use

It is easy to place yourself on the platform for your workouts.


The pull-up assistant can be installed on all pull-up bars.


Adjustable Band for Pull-Up Assistance
Adjustable Band for Pull-Up Assistance
Adjustable Band for Pull-Up Assistance
Adjustable Band for Pull-Up Assistance
Adjustable Band for Pull-Up Assistance

Technical information

Elastic and packaging dimensions

Product dimensions:
- Total product length (flat): 400 cm.
- Band width: 7.5 cm.
- Platform length: 38 cm.

- 8.5 cm wide
- 14 cm long
- 17 cm high

Learn more about the resistance of your pull-up assistant

Minimum resistance:
At its longest adjustment, it provides a minimum resistance corresponding to a 5 kg elastic (blue training band in our range), and its length is 2m folded.

Maximum resistance:
Adjusted to its shortest level, the band's resistance at 100% elongation is 45kg (equivalent to the red training band in our range), and it is 1.35m long folded.

Why use a pull-up assistant?

This assistant helps you work with body weight by lightening part of the load.

Its different levels of adjustment allow you to track your progress by gradually decreasing the resistance (and therefore the amount of help).
You'll keep motivated by seeing yourself improve!

What are the advantages of this pull-up assistant?

Easy to use:
- Adjust it once your feet are on the board.
- You can see your progress with the markings on the sides.
- Place one foot, adjust the resistance using the straps, then place the other foot.
- At its shortest, the assistance is equivalent to a 45 kg band; at its longest, it is equivalent to a 5 kg band.
Comfort - Its two anchor points mean there is no discomfort around the face or inner thighs, as is so often the case with weight training bands.

Is a pull-up assistant for me?

Starting pull-ups is hard - all of our team members have been through it. That is why they created this pull-up assistant for beginners who have trouble doing pull-ups on their own.
It can also help more experienced athletes: at its weakest adjustment, the assistant gives you the little boost you need to complete more pull-ups than you'd normally be able to do in a given time.
So it's a product for all athletes looking to improve!

How do you install the assistant?

The pull-up assistant installs in just a few minutes:
- Bring each end of the band around the pull-up bar
- Attach the snap hooks into the strap loops
It's ready: just place a foot in the band to adjust its resistance. Grab the pull-up bar, place your other foot in the assistant, and start your set.
The shorter the band, the more it'll help you.

Safety instructions and maximum weight

The band will support up to 130 kg.
Do your pull-up in a nice, clear space: to get out of the elastic, you want to make sure there's no clutter on the ground, for example.
Always check that the product is properly attached before getting on it. Check, for example, that the snap hooks are fully grabbing the strap.

To use this product, you need... a bar!

You can choose a wall-mounted pull-up bar: 8385106) or a screw-free door-mounted bar (ref: 8584559).
The pull-up assistant is also compatible with a weight training rack: 8766092 or 8616805)

Tips from our coach for beginning pull-ups 1/2

Start with the following series:
- Pull-ups with as little help as possible from the elastic 2×2
- Pull-ups with a bit more help 2×5
- Pull-ups with a lot of help 2×8
Keep a one-rep margin for each exercise.
Between workouts, keep the same levels of assistance, and increase by one rep per level:
2×3 2×6 2×9 etc.
Once that is comfortable, start again with the initial sequence (2×2 2x4 2×6) but reducing the levels of assistance, until you can successfully do pull-ups without help.

Tips from our coach for beginning pull-ups 2/2

To make faster progress, supplement your pull-ups with:
- 1-arm rows (lumberjack) 3×10/side (2 rep margin)
- Hammer grip bicep curls with dumbbells 3×12 (1 rep margin)


2 years

More About Product


Adjustable Band for Pull-Up Assistance


Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Elastic band 68% Polyester, 32% Latex Rubber Webbing 100% Polypropylene


Store indoors out of direct sunlight.

User Restrictions

For personal use only

Approved By

10 testers selected from our Decathlon Co-Creation community as well as our coaches at the Domyos club in Marcq in Baroeul.

Maintenance advice

Do not wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

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