Adjustable Dip Bar Training Station 100

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Our team designed this compact dip / parallel bar station to help you build upper-body strength at home.

Mobile, compact and complete parallel bars that let you work your entire body using static and dynamic bodyweight exercises. 3 possible heights: 77 cm, 84 cm & 91 cm

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Products benefits

Compact design

Compact design, easy to store and transport, with its fold-down feet.


3 adjustable heights Variety of exercises (dips, press-ups, Australian pull-ups)


Rigid structure and grippy feet.


Durable, can withstand a load of up to 130 kg


Adjustable Dip Bar Training Station 100
Adjustable Dip Bar Training Station 100
Adjustable Dip Bar Training Station 100
Adjustable Dip Bar Training Station 100
Adjustable Dip Bar Training Station 100
Adjustable Dip Bar Training Station 100

Technical information

What is a dip station for?

It can be used to work the upper body with dips, inverted rows and inclined press-ups.

You can also work your legs with bodyweight exercises: with the bars installed vertically, you can work out while standing and using a speed ladder.

Do static L-sits or dynamic leg lifts from the parallel bars to work your abs.

Size of the dip station

Box dimensions: Length: 77 cm
Width: 60 cm
Height: 12 cm

Dimensions in flat position: Length: 87 cm
Width: 11.2 cm
Height: 70 cm

Dimensions in highest 'standard' position: Length: 67 cm
Width: 102 cm
Height: 93 cm

Weight of the dip station

The 2 bars weigh 12.4 kg
The 2 bars in the box weigh 14.3 kg

Complementary products for the dip station

Add challenge to your workouts and use our 5 kg to 10 kg weighted vests.If you're starting out, use our training bands to help you do your dips.


2 years

More About Product

Video exercises you can do with the training station 100 

Information on the training station 100

Adjustable Dip Bars Training Station 100
Adjustable Dip Bars Training Station 100


Strength training product manager

The parallel bars have been improved thanks to your feedback! After much feedback on the previous version of the training station 100, we changed the height of the parallel bars and added the option to adjust them to different heights.

Adjustable Dip Bars Training Station 100

Need help with your exercises?

If you are a beginner to body weight exercises, you can use our elastic Training Bands to help you do dips and pull-ups.
The higher the resistance, the easier the exercise.
(Reference numbers: 8484819, 8484820, 8484821, 8484822 and 8484823)

Adjustable Dip Bars Training Station 100

Want to increase the intensity of your exercises?

If you want to amp up the intensity of your workouts, you can use one of our 5 kg or 10 kg weighted vests.
(Reference numbers: 8517613 and 8517611)
You can also use a weight training belt to add even more weight.

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main part 100% Steel Protection cover 100% Polypropylene


Store indoors in a dry place.

User Restrictions

Max. user weight: 130 kg. For home use only.


These dip bars have been tested by our DOMYOS CLUB certified coaches

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