Buoyancy life jacket BA 50 Newtons Sailing club red and blue ECO-DESIGNED

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This buoyancy life jacket is designed for students and instructors training in sailing dinghies, catamarans, and windsurfing.

The compactness of this 50 Newtons buoyancy life jacket allows you greater freedom of movement. Its morphological shape accommodates all body sizes while guaranteeing maximum safety when sailing.

Color: scarlet red / asphalt blue

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Products benefits


50 N buoyancy life jacket compliant with standard EN ISO 12402-5.

Freedom of movement

Short cut and 3D shape to suit all body shapes.

Easy dressing

Poncho shaped with 2 buckles and adjustable straps.


Compatible with trapeze belts and windsurfing harnesses.


Large front pocket with rip-tab closure.


Buoyancy life jacket BA 50 Newtons Sailing club red and blue ECO-DESIGNED
Buoyancy life jacket BA 50 Newtons Sailing club red and blue ECO-DESIGNED

Technical information


It took 18 months to develop this buoyancy life jacket. We designed a 50 Newton buoyancy life jacket for sailing clubs, taking into account the constraints of intensive use to create a light, compact, and robust product. The French Sailing Federation (FFV) and three partner clubs contributed their expertise in order to design a product suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced sailors, not to mention sailing instructors.


The shorter cut of the life jacket and the multiple polyethylene foam panels make it very light for unrestricted use. The plastic buckles on each side of the life jacket are designed so they can be replaced if necessary.
The crotch strap, which is not included in the black life jacket, enables all instructors and managers to equip their sailing clubs.


Thanks to Dope-dyed technology, a fabric made from dye integrated into the material of the yarn, enabling a significant reduction in water consumption during the production of the yarn, and two-tone textile, made from a weave of partially dyed yarns, we were able to reduce the CO2 emissions linked to the production of this new life jacket by 20%, compared to the previous version.


On the left shoulder of the life jacket, we added a loop to enable the VHF to be attached. This option proves particularly useful for sailing instructors or when sailing motorboats.


This buoyancy life jacket is compatible with all trapeze belts and windsurfing harnesses on the market. The hook loop prevents the life jacket from rising unexpectedly by itself.


A 50 N life jacket should be used in dinghies, catamarans, stand up paddleboards, windsurfers, and canoes/kayaks. It can also be used on board yachts up to 6 miles from the coast, provided it is worn while sailing (division 240).

Choose the right size

The buoyancy of the vest depends on the weight of the user.
30-40 kg
40-60 kg
60-80 kg
80-100 kg
+ 100 kg
Under 30 kg, regulations require the use of a life jacket (minimum 100 N).


2 years


30-40kg : 0.44 kg
40-60kg : 0.47 kg
60-80kg : 0.53 kg
80-100kg : 0.62 kg

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 100% Polyester Filling 100% Polyethylene


Store in a dry place away from light.

User Restrictions

You must be able to swim.


Tested by clubs affiliated with the French Sailing Federation (FFV) in accordance with the requirements of professionals and individuals.

Approved By

Validated and approved by the French Sailing Federation (FFV). Developed in collaboration with instructors and managers of water sports centres, this life jacket was designed for intensive use.

Maintenance advice

Hand wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

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