Kids' 17" Tennis Racket TR130 - Blue

Ref. : 8540255

Our designers developed this racket for young, beginning tennis players who are under 100 cm tall.

The TR130 JR was redesigned with six concepts, developed in conjunction with trainers and kids, to help your child get better from their very first swing.

Color: blue / black

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Products benefits

Ease of learning

It includes six concepts to make gripping, positioning and swinging easier.


A lightweight (176 g), easy-to-handle racket for your child's first rallies.


The head size (425 cm²) mitigates centring errors.

Technical information


Two sections on the handle to show kids where to place their hands:
- The dominant hand should grip the handle on the lower, unmarked area
- The second hand - especially for backhands - should grip the striated area.

This ensures good power and stability when hitting the ball.


With its three coloured markings on the handle, the TR130 JR helps kids place their hands in the right position for forehands, backhands and serves.

Kids should be able to see:
- the yellow marking when hitting a forehand
- the white marking when serving
- the grey marking when hitting a backhand

This keeps the racket head in the right place when hitting the ball and ensures the ball is hit properly.


When your child receives the ball, they should hold the racket so they can see the face of the person on the frame.

Their legs should be slightly apart and knees bent to be in the right stance to hit the ball.


When setting up to hit the ball, the second hand plays a key role in stabilising the racket and ensuring the right movement: the racket should be high and ready to receive the ball.
The hand should be placed on the throat of the racket.

We put visual and textured markings on the grip to make this easier.


To help kids set up and follow through when swinging, we placed a small figure on the edge of the racket.
At the beginning of the movement, the figure should be "looking at" the ball as it's coming towards the racket.
At the end of the movement, it should still be "looking at" the ball after it is hit.

This forces your child to set up and follow through properly.


We placed a small white ball-shaped mark in the centre of the strings.

By trying to align the ball with this mark when they hit it, your child will focus on centring the ball on the racket and maintain the proper position.

Their hits will be better and the game will be more enjoyable. When the ball is hit in the centre of the racket - called the sweet spot - the result is a stronger, more precise hit with less vibration.


Weight: 176 g
Balance: 21 cm

Length: 43 cm
Head size: 425 sq cm


Aluminium frame for a durable and affordable racket.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Racket frame 100% Aluminium Shaft 100% Polyurethane Racket string 100% Polyamide Bumper grommet 100% Polyamide Grip 100% Polyurethane Racket top cap 100% Polyamide Racket end cap 100% Polyamide


Avoid major temperature fluctuations.


The TR130 JR was extensively tested by many young tennis players, who loved its style, easy handling and durability!

Approved By

The pedagogical features on the TR130 JR were created in conjunction with several certified tennis coaches.
We worked with them to create this racket to be a genuine learning tool that coaches can use to help kids improve while having fun!

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