Massage Stick 500 MODULAR

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We have designed an innovative massage stick. After your workouts or in preparation for competitions, customise the massage to your needs!

Did today's workout put a strain on your muscles? Neck, back, thighs or calves, it's got you covered!Adaptable modules make it easy to target each area of your body with the desired intensity.

Color: black / lagoon blue

Unique size
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Products benefits


One stick, many areas: adapts to the back, neck, legs, etc.


Innovation:adapt your stick to each body area using its removable modules!

Ease of use

Simply clip the removable modules on and off

Anatomic design

Choose the massage intensity by adjusting the pressure on your muscle


Massage Stick 500 MODULAR
Massage Stick 500 MODULAR
Massage Stick 500 MODULAR

Technical information

How to adjust the massage stick

To help you massage as many muscle groups as possible with a single product, we offer a massage stick that adapts to your needs:
Remove the two detachable half-balls by pressing on them and place them anywhere on the bar.You can connect them in an X or O shape, or use the black cylinders to space them apart.

How to use the massage stick

After exercise, our advice is massaging the evening or the following day.
Once you've adjusted the stick to the area you want to massage and the desired intensity, hold it by the two handles and roll it on the muscle back and forth to relax or from bottom to top to drain.Adapt the pressure according to your needs and massage the area for 5 minutes.Want to know more?Check out our explanatory videos below.

Why massage after sport?

Massaging helps your muscles become more flexible,allowing them to recover better.You can continue your training sessions more easily and progress!
Easier to use in the first stage of massage than a roller, the self-massage stick with its dense modules allows you to deeply massage all your muscle groups and target trigger points.

Simple and smart: the story of the Modular 500

"Massaging your back by yourself isn't easy."
So how do you self-massage your entire body? This question inspired our design team to create a stick that is easy and quick to set up: two detachable modules and four sliding modules for less equipment and more possibilities.
After 18 months of design and testing with athletes, we are proud to offer a versatile and clever self-massage stick that easily adapts to your needs.

Our team of triathlon enthusiasts talks about recovery:

"If you pushed yourself during training, you know massage will help. A tip?If you're tired, the massage can wait until the next day.The priority after sports is a recovery drink and compression socks."
"As I don't run often, I know the massage stick will prevent soreness in the following days. When you massage in the evening, there's a wow effect the next day.It really helps with performance."

What are the dimensions of the stick?

Length:400 mm
Diameter: 75 mm


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Bearing 100% Polypropylene Handle 100% Polypropylene Bar 70% Polyamide, 30% Glass Fiber

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