Men's Trail Running Windproof Jacket - grey

Ref. : 8608059

Multi-function windproof trail running jacket to protect you from the wind and cool weather during short and long-distance trail runs (training or competition).

In windy and/or cool weather, protect yourself with this windproof trail running jacket. A jacket that can be worn over a 10 L running bag thanks to its stretchy fabric!

Color: silver grey

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Products benefits


The component limits and reduces the wind-chill effect in cool weather.

User comfort

The new soft and stretchy fabric ensures immediate comfort!


It can be worn: WITHOUT a bag UNDER a bag OVER a bag (max 10L)

Anatomic design

The stretchy fabric enables freedom of movement during exercise.


You will forget you are wearing this jacket while running. Only 138 g in size L

Compact design

A built-in, discrete pocket at the nape to store away your jacket


Chest attachment + 2 vents at the sides so that air can flow freely inside.


Men's Trail Running Windproof Jacket - grey
Men's Trail Running Windproof Jacket - grey
Men's Trail Running Windproof Jacket - grey
Men's Trail Running Windproof Jacket - grey
Men's Trail Running Windproof Jacket - grey
Men's Trail Running Windproof Jacket - grey
Men's Trail Running Windproof Jacket - grey
Men's Trail Running Windproof Jacket - grey
Men's Trail Running Windproof Jacket - grey
Men's Trail Running Windproof Jacket - grey

Technical information

What's new with this new windproof jacket?

The design team has chosen to make several modifications to the product following feedback from users:

- A new STRETCH main component that SAVES WEIGHT and delivers optimal COMFORT
Our jacket is not made for rugged vegetation (branches, brambles, etc.), so be careful when going through woodland!

- a new SIZING that delivers the right combination of freedom of movement, protection and breathability.

An effective and simple product to complete the outfit.

A jacket that I can wear OVER my bag. Is that possible? Do I need to go one size up or not?

Designed for total FLEXIBILITY (3-in-1), this windproof jacket may be worn during exercise:
- WITHOUT a bag
- UNDER a bag
- OVER a bag
You can keep your trail bag (max. 10 litres) and cover it with your jacket thanks to its stretchy fabric.
No need to go a size up. Your jacket can be adjusted!

Advice on staying comfortable when trail running

No need to adjust; it adjusts to your body shape.

Protect your hands whenever you wish.

And finally, the detail that makes all the difference...
You won't be annoyed by moving fabric or the noise of zips!

A little zipped pocket built on the right-hand side for any rubbish.

The LATERAL OPENINGS on the back of the jacket. How does that work?

The design team has added 2 LATERAL OPENINGS on the back of the jacket.
- They help ventilate the jacket during exercise
- They allow you to access your backpack, if you have put a bag UNDER your jacket to retrieve an item
- They facilitate access to the rear pockets on your bottoms (shorts, cycling shorts, leggings, etc.) or to a flask/water bottle-carrying waistband. In particular, this saves you from lifting your jacket and getting cold (handy in cool weather!).

A chest strap to increase VENTILATION?

What is it used for exactly?
We have added an strap at the chest for increased ventilation during exercise.
Therefore, if you wish, you can combine the strap and zip to strike the right balance between protection, perspiration-wicking and ventilation.
The windproof jacket can thus be adapted according to the intensity of your workouts and/or external conditions.

A compactable jacket that takes up no space...

Has the crisp morning air warmed up? What's more, there is no need to feel weighed down!
In fact, you can store the windproof jacket in a dedicated, re-closable pocket. We have positioned it discretely at the nape.
Your jacket can be fully compressed. Just attach it to your hand with the built-in elastic strap.
You'll be able to grab hold of it easily in case you need it again!

And what about the STYLE and DESIGN?

Our designer François wanted to provide a combination of technical features, simplicity and trendy, modern styling with this windproof jacket.
Elegant and subtle outdoor colours to highlight the lines of the product for the khaki version.

How to stay well protected and dry with the 3-layer technique? Trail running windproof jacket = Layer 3

It is important to adjust and select your different layers based on the intensity of your activity, the terrain (uphill, flat, downhill) and/or the weather conditions. This prevents you from getting wet.
Don't hesitate to adapt the layers during your activity and to use the appropriate layering system.
LAYER 1: BREATHABLE (transfers perspiration from skin to other layers)
LAYER 2 INSULATING (insulates from the cold and provides warmth)


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Main fabric 89% Polyamide, 11% Elastane Yoke 84% Polyester, 16% Elastane Pocket 76% Polyamide, 24% Elastane


Store on a hanger, or folded in a clean dry place.Project your jacket by washing it with central zip closed.

User Restrictions

Unsuitable for use in wet weather.


Our windproof trail running jacket has been tested by the trail runners themselves in real-life conditions over hundreds of miles. It was only after working together on the development of the product and its validation by target users that we decided to market this jacket. The right balance between protection, weight, compactness, flexibility and comfort!

Maintenance advice

Machine wash - 30° max - normal

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

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