Mountain Bike Hydration Backpack Explore 2L/1L Water - Black

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This hydration backpack has been designed to keep you hydrated easily on mountain bike rides lasting up to 1.5 hours.It contains a 1L semi-rigid flask.

In addition to a flask that is easy to fill, to use and to maintain, this 2L capacity bag is very useful to carry your essential items: keys, phone, bars, repair kit...

Color: black

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Products benefits


1L semi-rigid flask, 2L storage capacity

Ease of use

The semi-rigid flask is easy to fill and clean.

Multiple compartments

1 secure outer pocket.

Carrying comfort

The centre of the back and the straps are lined with breathable fabric.


Male / female compatible straps and a chest strap that can be moved up and down

Easy maintenance

This bag's fabric is water-repellent to withstand muddy splashes.

Technical information

In a nutshell

Type of bag: hydration backpack
Bag volume: 2L
Volume of water: 1L
Semi-rigid flask with cap, tube and mouthpiece included
1 secure outer pocket
1 outer strap for glasses
1 reflective strip
1 chest strap
Water repellent

Very practical flask

The semi-rigid flask was designed for leisure mountain bike rides up to 1.5 hours, and takes inspiration from a water bottle.
It has a screw cap and is marked so you can easily fill it to the desired level, up to 1L of water.

Unlike standard water bladders (thermobonded), the walls are separated and help any remaining water drain (from top to bottom) out at the end.

This means no water remaining in the flask, so no odours.


Before leaving, squeeze the air out after filling so as to increase the flow rate of your drink.
Just turn the flask upside down, direct the air bubbles towards the tube opening and suck them out.
The mouthpiece is lockable (rotates 180°) to prevent leaks when not in use. It won't drip, even when in the open position. To drink, gently bite the mouthpiece and suck in!


Access the main compartment from the top. The semi-rigid flask hangs upside down on a hook so it doesn't drop to the bottom of the bag.
You can store your small objects (papers, keys, phone, snack bar,s and tissues) in the secure front pocket.
The reflective strip on the front of the bag shows where the pocket is.An outside loop allows you to attach your glasses when on an outing if need be.

Care tips

To improve the durability of your bag, we recommend waterproofing it. Even though the fabric is already water-repellent, extra waterproofing will stop mud getting caked onto it.

Wash your flask in clean water 3 times before you first use it. If your flask has a taste of plastic, you should: 1- wash it with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda
2- place it empty in the freezer
3- dry it fully before putting it away

To help you clean the hose, a brush is available

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Bag 100% Polyester Water pouch 80% Polyethylene, 20% Polyethylene


- Wash the flask with vinegar or bicarbonate of soda.
- Place it in the freezer, empty and dry, to prevent the taste of plastic.
- Dry it thoroughly and do not store folded.

User Restrictions

Warning! Not suitable for children under 6 years old


At Decathlon, all of our products are tested by a panel of users in the conditions for which the products were designed. These tests are led and monitored by our design team. All of these tests allow our product managers, engineers and the whole mountain biking team to develop, create and design technical products that guarantee customer satisfaction.

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The Rockrider team is proud to introduce this hydration backpack and water flask. They're designed to last a long time and support you through all your mountain bike tours.

Maintenance advice

Hand wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

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