New technology combination, redefining inflatable boats.

Thoughtfully considering each part and how to improve it, making the boat more suitable for sailing.

The final 8 major parts have been strengthened and improved.

Equipment that is less common in the market for products of the same level is marked with "***".

*** Increases the capacity of the inflatable keel air chamber, causing the bow to rise, and greatly improving the boat's ability to cut through waves.
This provides the boat with less resistance, increased speed, fuel efficiency, and more effective use.

*** 43cm diameter high air volume air chamber body
Most inflatable boats under 3 meters have air chambers with a diameter of only about 22-26cm.

Our 2.8 meter inflatable boat has been widened to 43cm, which allows for more air to be accommodated.

In addition to improving safety, the maximum load capacity has been increased to 420kg.

This also brings essential additional stability to navigation, allowing users to enjoy their journey comfortably on a changing sea.

*** Strengthened anti-break armor padding
Additional anti-break armor padding has been added to the bow anchor seat, around the boat, at the center of the bottom of the boat, and at the bottom of the air chamber.

This provides greater peace of mind when landing on a beach or near shallow water areas.

No additional fees are required, as the highest quality responds to the customer's trust and support.

*** Cross-strengthened wooden board
Placed under the inflatable deck to fix the boat's structural integrity, allowing the inflatable air chamber to be optimally positioned on the boat.

*** Double-ring towing buckle and side buckles
The main buckle is located at the bow with a rope, and an additional main buckle is provided for easy towing.

Two side buckles are also provided, allowing the towing force to be evenly distributed.

*** Equipped with an anchor seat
The design of the anchor seat's pulley cannot be underestimated, as it makes it easy to handle the anchor rope, whether pulling it in or letting it out.

No longer do users need to worry about the anchor rope rubbing against the boat or having to deliberately use their hands to pull or release the rope.

*** Stern anti-splash water triangle cloth
Reduces the amount of water that splashes into the boat's interior while sailing.

*** DWF high-strength inflatable drawstring deck
Comfortable, easy to install and remove, and with circular space cutouts that allow the keel to be easily inflated.

Comes with cross-strengthened wooden boards.

Other equipment
Passenger handle, life-saving rope, aluminum alloy paddle, aluminum alloy seat, drain outlet, drain plug, leak-proof high-pressure air valve, and stern hard board for hanging a motor.

Technical information

length (in cm)

380 cm

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Technical information

length (in cm)

380 cm