The adidas Spieler E08.2 badminton racquet focuses on playability and ease of handling.
Rather light (83g) with a slight head weight to compensate for the lighter weight and a semi-flexible shaft, it is suitable for all players looking for a little extra power.

adidas Spieler E08.2 Badminton Racket -
ATHLETE DEMAND: high playability and can withstand impacts and high tension.
PERFORMANCE: developed for lightweight durability and all round easy playability.
PLAYER CATEGORY: all players.
PLAYER LEVEL: developing skills.


  • Y-Joint
  • Reduced torsional twist in racket swing
  • Dynamic Depth Groove
  • Higher resistance to hoop breakage and reduces grommet aero drag
  • ExoTendon
  • Hoop stability upgrade and string to pro player tension with confidence

frame weight: 83g±2
balance: 290-295mm
shaft stiffness: 8.5-9.0
tension: ≤30lbs/13.5kg

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