KAKU SP2 Concealed full-frame design with 2in1 VIV20 + photochromic. The lens over frame design combines the lightweight feature of half frame with protection of full frame. The wide lens provides an even wider field of vision, and the VIV20 high contras.


1.Photochromic lenses: Darken in bright sunlight or UV, blocking glare and absorbing ultraviolet rays. Returns to the transparent tint quickly in the darker environments.
2.Anti scratch coating enhance the resistance to impact from foreign objects.
3.VIV20 lens enhance color, contrast and detail, sharpen the field of view, optimize the experience of details in fast moving surrounding.
4.Ultra Lightweight Frame & Temples: High strength, impact and abrasion resistance. Effectively prevent frame-breaking due to the impact and reduce damage to face caused by anti-friction.
5.2 size of nose pad included for better fitting.
6.Rubberized temples with steel insert for best fit adjustment.
7.Air vent design.
8.Accessories: eyewear case,cushion bag,cleaning cloth,optical inner frame,user manual.

Lens density Visible light transmittance : According to the European standard EN1836, there are five categories depending on the light transmittance of the lens.

Classification : Cat.1-Cat.3

Category 0 : 80-100% Almost transparent and adaptable to any situation.
Category 1 : 43-80% Provides low sun protection and is suitable for most types of wear.
Category 2 : 18-43% Intermediate filter. Suitable for average sunlight.
Category 3 : 8-18% dark filter. Suitable for strong sunlight.
Category 4 : 3-8% Very dark filter. I wear it in very bright situations. Not suitable for driving.

Frame: TR-90
Lens: PC VIV20 + Mirror Photochromic
Weight: 29g

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