The famous Japanese umbrella brand Amvel has launched a new collection of lightweight, easy-to-shrink, and large-area automatic folding umbrellas - VERYKAL LARGE.

The breakthrough solves the shortcomings of automatic folding umbrellas that are "too heavy, difficult to fold, and can only cover one person".

VERYKAL LARGE is made of carbon fiber ribs and high-density fiber weaving, which is strong and ultra-light at only 210g.

The entire area is 60cm, and no matter how big the body is, it is not afraid of getting wet.

It has a water-repellent function, and is specially treated with Easy-Dry and does not contain PFOA materials.

【Features 】

‧A large, lightweight and durable folding umbrella with automatic opening and closing

‧Weighing about 210 grams, extremely light

‧Have 6 ribs of 60 cm

‧Anti-UV 70~90% (varies according to fabric color)

‧Umbrella cloth adds long-lasting nanotechnology water repellent coating EASYDRY - just wave twice, the umbrella will dry quickly

‧Light but extremely strong! Umbrella ribs made of carbon fiber will not be blown even at typhoon level

‧Multiple colors, there is always one color for men, women and children

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