Technology Compression - Pressure is decreased progressively and reflux is accelerated
Efficient Recovery - To reduce the accumulation of lactic acid and to accelerate physical recovery
Shock-Absorbing and Anti-Fatigue - Absorb and slow down the shock and vibration of joints and muscles reduce body fatigue
Light and Breathing - 320 needle with fine process the fiber is fine, tough and breathable
Massage Effect - Micro-massage on the body surface to eliminate swelling of the legs and relieve varicose veins

Item: compression calf sleeve
Model: E4405
Size: S, M, L, XL
S leg circumference: 30-34cm
M leg circumference: 34-38cm
L leg circumference: 38-42cm
XL leg circumference: 42-45cm
Weight: 32 to 36g
Material: nylon,spandex
Packing list: 1 pair compression cover

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