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GenuTrain A3 Knee Brace (Right Side)


Stabilizes and relieves the painful knee joint in cases of osteoarthritis

Color: GREY

Stabilizes and relieves the painful knee joint in cases of osteoarthritis


〔Relief for osteoarthritis of the knee〕
In cases of osteoarthritis, it is important to manage pain while also mobilizing the knee. Here, the GenuTrain A3 has proven to be a valuable aid. With a star-shaped functional cushion, it provides targeted stimulation to the stabilizing muscles around the knee and kneecap. Specially nubbed zones relieve pain in the typical pain area, the inner side of the knee.

〔Fit again fast〕
Debilitated patients will particularly appreciate the expansion zone in the calf area, as it makes the GenuTrain A3 even easier to put on. With each movement, the special osteoarthritis support exerts a medically effective intermittent compression massage.

In addition to relieving pain, it also activates the leg muscles and improves their coordination. This protects the knee even during movement. There is no reason not to start physiotherapy and cautious training. After all, even in cases of osteoarthritis of the knee joint, being active is key to good health!


  • Irritative conditions, especially gonarthrosis (also the onset of ligamentosis, tendomyopathy, posttraumatic and postoperative)
  • Knee pain with functional instability due to general muscular disbalance
  • Patellar lateralization
  • Jumper’s Knee

*Due to hygiene issues, this product is not eligible for a refund OR return* (except any defection or damage of the product confirmed by Femco)

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