‧ The Ultimate Protector
‧ 100% DEET Max Formula
‧ 10 Hours of Protection
‧ Travel-friendly size
‧ Ultralight and Packable
‧ CDC-Recommended Active Ingredient
‧ Protection from Disease-Carrying Insects
‧ Made in the USA

Active Ingredient: 100% DEET

‧ Not suitable for people with sensitive skin, respiratory tract sensitivities, children, pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers
‧ Please do not spray on nylon clothing

The Ultimate Protector – Ben's is made in New Hampshire and torture tested in the White Mountains, the heart of bug country.
100% DEET Max Formula – Face even buggiest conditions with this maximum strength 100 DEET bug spray that contains no alcohol or additives - just DEET.
10 Hours of Protection – Enjoy all day outdoors and avoid bites for up to 10 hours from ticks, mosquitoes, biting flies, flies, chiggers, and midges.

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