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Urban life is fast-paced, and people often overlook their own physical health. However, conventional health monitoring devices are usually large and take up a lot of space! In the compact city of Hong Kong, BodyPedia, an intelligent health monitoring device, adopts professional-grade technology such as DSM-MFBIA/SMFIM to measure various body circumferences, such as waist, thigh, and arm circumference. It provides accurate data from head to toe, unlike ordinary body fat scales on the market that can only estimate data from the lower body!

All you need to do is step onto the monitoring device, hold the electrode handle, and wait for 26 seconds. Then, you can view your body data through the dedicated app.

BodyPedia has an accuracy of 97% for the gold standard DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Bone Densitometer) assessment, utilizing DSM-BIA and SMFIM technology and generating reports based on more than 40 different body measurement parameters - providing you with the most comprehensive and The most helpful personal health data.

This smart scale can measure your neck, chest, waist, hip, arm and thigh circumference to instantly see the exact status of your body fat or muscle

BodyPedia provides you with rich body information, including muscle and fat distribution, obesity index and body shape. Using this data, you can get health advice and set health goals for yourself.

*APP has Chinese or English interface to choose from
Bodypedia APP supports Apple Health synchronization function and is currently developing Samsung Health synchronization function

Product specifications:
Weight: 2.35kg
Weight limit: 0-150 kg
Connection method: Bluetooth connection
Power supply: four AA batteries
Thickness: 30mm

Technical information

  • width (in cm) 30 cm
  • height (in cm) 3 cm
  • length (in cm) 30 cm

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Technical information

width (in cm)

30 cm

height (in cm)

3 cm

length (in cm)

30 cm