AN ACTIVE BRACE that utilizes 4 non-detachable flexible splints positioned at the lumbar to support the low back and muscle groups; corrects posture protects the area and reduces overextension without restricting lateral bending.
Our ONE-HANDED COUNTERFORCE STRAP makes it easy to adjust for comfort without ever having to release the brace; simply pull to adjust within seconds.
BREATHABLE DESIGN with open-back strapping along the spine, ideal for all-day wear beneath clothing at work or at the gym.
A good 'GET BACK TO LIFE' COMPANION after therapy - keeping injured back protected while you heal, promoting good posture habits, or simply providing a little extra support for the weak low back.
Size (waist circumference):
S: 69-86cm
M: 86-107cm
L: 107-127cm

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Nylon Polyester Plastic


Hand wash only

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