Unisex Sand Proof Sports Towel - Dockyard (Navy/white)

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Sale starts 10/7/2024
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Unique collection with each design being limited edition. Our aim is simple, to ensure that you look and feel great on the beach. Big enough for the beach, but small enough for you to carry everywhere

Color: navy blue / white

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Full Sized Beach Towel: 90 x 200cm
Sand Shield™ Technology
Made From Recycled Materials
Compact- Fits In To Sleek Mesh Bag Included
Quick Dry
Double Sided
Machine Wash Below 30°C

About the Sand Shield™ Technology:

  • Sand Shield™ Technology is a key stand out factor of our towels.
  • The sand repellent material of Coaze towels ensures that your visits to the beach are as sand free as possible. Sand is easily brushed or blown off during use.
  • When you're done with your visit to the beach, you simply shake your towel off and watch the sand fall back on to the beach where it belongs. Then you can fold it up and place it in to your Coaze drawstring bag.

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

85% Recycled Polyester 15% Polyamide

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