-Using high-elasticity elastic material, the supporting force of the deformed wooden support is very soft.
-A wider model with Curble, which softly supports the user's renewal. It is recommended for people who lack physical activity, have a stiff body, have decreased body flexibility, and have thin physiques.
-Suitable for the following people: salespersons, students who need to sit for a long time due to the nature of their occupations, and people who have tortoise necks and bent postures that often cause shoulders to shrink.


  • Made in Korea
    -Size: width 33cm X depth 34cm X height 33cm
    Weight: 800g

-Leverage Effect
-Ergonomics Design and High Elasticity Material

  • Optimal Frame to gather pelvic bone
  • Air hallway system
  • Dual Structure Fabric
  • Portability with lightweight

Fashion Design:

  1. Structure cushions and invitations-help students structure cushions and invitations

  2. Air circulation-heat dissipation keeps cool.

  3. High elastic support-correct waist support, strong restoring force.

  4. High hardness and comfortable cushion-high elasticity memory bounce and facial paralysis.

  5. One grip, easy to carry.

  6. Exquisite body design-exquisite waistline structure design.

  7. Bend the bottom surface-stimulate the core muscles for pelvic training.

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