-Using a unified design, strong protest.
-It feels that the user's ribs will not cause fatigue even after sitting for a long time.
-The chair body uses the principle of solid plastic support, which strongly supports the waist, and the bottom (chair bottom) is 5cm wider than Curble Comfy, and users with tall armrests can also easily use it.
-Suitable for the following people: salespersons, students who need to sit for a long time due to the nature of their occupations, and people who have tortoise necks and bent postures that often cause shoulders to shrink.


  • Made in Korea
    -Size: Width 38cm X Depth 31.5cm X Height 31.5cm
    Weight: 800g

-Leverage principle design
-Ergonomic and highly elastic material design
-Improve pelvic imbalance
-Comfortable ventilation system
-Double-layer structure of cushions and fabrics
-Strong yet lightweight

Seat design:

  1. Comfortable support design-a wider seat support design, which softly supports both sides of the user's body.

  2. Air circulation-cooling circulation keeps cool.

  3. Firm support-The use of high-strength plastic molding, can correctly support the waist, strong restoring force.

  4. Easy to grasp and easy to carry.

  5. Exquisite chair body design-exquisite waistline structure design.

  6. Ball-shaped bottom design-stimulate the core muscles for pelvic training.

  7. Comfortable cushion-high-density and comfortable shape memory polyurethane and polyester fabric.

  8. 35 degree spherical design.

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