‧ New ultra-thin PVC surface layer design, no matter light touch or heat feeling, it is easy to handle
‧ DiCAPac patented double waterproof zipper pocket design provides all-weather waterproof protection for your mobile phone
‧ Passed the Japanese JIS test, waterproof IPX8, can withstand 10 meters / 33 feet of water depth for half an hour
‧ Super-Clear Lens is used as the material for the rear camera lens, which greatly improves the image quality!
‧ Built-in floating air bag, so you don't have to worry about placing your phone in the sea!
‧ Compatible with 6.9-inch or smaller smartphones, suitable for most mobile phones on the market including iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14 Pro.
‧ Equipped with an adjustable neck strap, you can carry your phone with you even when playing water sports
‧ Made in Korea

How to use?

  1. Open the phone pocket
  2. Put in the phone
  3. Make sure the flash chain is fully closed
  4. Roll up the pocket opening and make sure the double velcro is fully attached

How to clean?
‧ Please wash with water after use, do not use detergent or bleach

‧ 110mm (W) x 202mm (H)

‧ 50g

Water pressure resistance
‧ IPX8 - 10m - 33ft

Warm Tips
‧ In order to provide all-weather waterproof protection for your beloved mobile phone, it is recommended to put a paper towel in it before use and put it under water for a 5-minute waterproof test to ensure that the product can work normally
‧ The position of Touch ID may be blurred, but it will not affect the waterproof performance of the product

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