As a member of the new generation of Antares saddles, the Antares R5 maintains many iconic design features that made the original one of the most popular amongst leading athletes.

Antares is a low profile saddle with a transition from nose to wing that helps deliver efficient pedaling in every riding positions. No matter if you’re attacking a climb or holding the tempo on flat terrain, this saddle is designed to support you. Moving fore and aft has been made easier by a flatter, slightly wider nose that acts as an optimal base from which to produce power.

Antares features an ergonomic cutout, developed using detailed pressure analysis and input from medical experts, that helps to relieve pressure and facilitate blood flow. Additionally, the low-profile padding has been engineered with a double-density foam, firmer on the ischial bones, softer on the nose, to provide every rider the right support, regardless of riding position, without creating undue pressure.

Antares is designed for riders seeking a performance saddle that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. As our performance option, Antares has been race-proven by athletes around the world, from those competing on roads to cyclocross and cross-country riders.


-ANTARES: Low-profile performance saddle designed to allow a more connected feeling for optimal pedaling efficiency and power transfer
-R5: Combination of a ride-compliant, carbon-reinforced nylon shell and an S-Alloy rail
-WINGFLEX: The shell's side edges flex and adapt to the rider's inner leg movement
-DOUBLE-DENSITY FOAM: Firmer on the ischial bones, softer on the nose, for optimal comfort in every riding position

-ANTARES R5 150 mm

Length: 268 mm
Width: 150 mm
Height at 75 mm width: 47 mm
Length from nose to 75 mm width: 147 mm
Weight: 217 g
Rail: 7x7 mm

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