Product included:
Vacuum Bag x 4 (Size 50 x 70 cm)
Rechargeable Mini Air Pump x 1

Vacuum Bag
Create Space for Storage
-Store away your comforters, blankets, duvets, towels, clothes, pillows, plush toys, linens, and more; Easily create 80% more space.

Durable And Reusable
-Soft, thick, and durable material, ensuring that it is not easy to leak and change its characteristics when stored in a compression bag for a long.

Long Term Protection
-The unique double zip seal and the triple seal valve are designed to to get air expulsion and nothing gets back in.

Ideal Clothing Protection
-The vacuum storage bag provides long-term effective protection for clothing, so you can no longer worry about dust, moisture and more. It is an ideal storage space solution for you to store in a wardrobe, closet, garage, basement, attic, or suitcase.

Mini Air Pump
Powerful Inflation
-The 3.5kPa air pressure and 180L/min wind speed allow Flextailgear's tiny air pump to achieve rapid inflation or deflation. Well saturation function after inflation, and increase work efficiency than normal electric air pumps. Able to inflate 4-5 swim rings, 6-8 single camping air mattresses, 1-2 thick air cushions, or deflate 10-12 storage bags after one charging.

-Powerful Pressure
-High Speed

Save More Space &Time
-TINY PUMP X is not limited to outdoor use but is also perfect for household use. It could work with a vacuum bag to store spare comforters and out-of-season clothes. Turn on the deflation switch, it will suck up all the excess air within the vacuum bag quickly.

1300mAh Rechargeable Battery
-With a 1300mAh lithium battery, our travel air pump works for up to 15 minutes after being fully charged. The fast type-c port supports 4 ways of charging: power bank, laptop, car charger, or power adapter. Bring Flextailgear TINY PUMP with you, no need for a socket or outdoor power supply. Convenient charging indicators: green for finished, and red for 0-99% status.

Vacuum Bag x 4 :
-Size 50 x 70 cm

Rechargeable Mini Air Pump:

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