Inspired by the stage design of Beyond’s Concert, the No.1 Chinese band. The drummer is located at the top of the three-story stage, with guitarists and bassists on both sides, and the lead singer is singing hard at the position closest to the audience, paired with a lifelike The light shines on the performers to make the performance more powerful, just like being in a concert.
When the socks are flipped, gorgeous fireworks spewed out from the back of the stage to bring the performance to a climax. The lead singer sang "The Sea and the Sky" with a high-pitched and tearing voice, and the audience was mesmerized. The spirit is as unrestrained as flying in the sky. Can rock music change the world? The answer is yes, it strengthens our beliefs, beliefs can change a person, and have the opportunity to change the world.

The original idea of FLIPPOS hosiery is to create a pair of compression stocking fulfilling functions in every way. You could wear it to the office and exercise after work as well. Simply with ONE SAME pair of stocking.

Considering that most people either sit or stand for a long time for work in which cause the fatigue condition upon feet and calf, we develop our hosiery to apply ‘graduated compression’ from the sole of the foot to calf to improve this situation. Additionally, wearing FLIPPOS during exercise could reduce muscle vibration effectively, produce greater strength, and improve the speed of fatigue recovery after exercising.

Flip the length, flip the attitude.

In order to cater for any occasion and any outfit, FLIPPOS creates the first compression hosiery that can be folded. You could wear it knee-high or fold it to the calf. The item can be transformed into socks within seconds.

★Length BEFORE flipping: Knee-High

★Length AFTER flipping: 18cm above the ankle

FLIPPOS MCP (Maze Cushioning Plus)

FLIPPOS’ ultimate goal is the pursuit of the ultimate product. This time we have upgraded our original patented maze cushioning to strengthen the sole’s “knitted maze damping.”

Both the hardness and the rebound speed are significantly improved, so when running, jumping or climbing, the notable shock-absorbing effect means no loss of power and full athletic release.

✔Functional compression hosiery.
✔Keep your feet dry in summer and keep them warm in winter.
✔Original designs, from knee high to sock within seconds.
✔Relieve the discomfort from sitting or standing for a long time.
✔Proudly made in Taiwan.
✔Tech yarn, similar to the feeling of Egyptian cotton.
✔Increase the durability of strength for exercise.
✔Increase the speed of recovery after exercise.
✔Quick moisture wicking function. Keep your socks dry all day long.
✔Silver fiber (anti-bacterial)
✔ Washable, durable, with outstanding elasticity.

Graduated Compressions
The compression levels adopted by FLIPPOS are the graduated compressions of 15-25 mmHg in accordance with EU regulation, which is NOT considered a high-compression medical product.

Daily wear, before and after exercise (running, cycling, skateboarding, mountain-climbing, physical training, etc.), traveling, taking long-distance flights, or improving problems before and after pregnancy.

Egyptian cotton feel & silver ions

The main material of flip socks is technical nylon mixed with Lycra yarn. This material is 4 times more expensive than ordinary combed cotton. Its main function is quick drying and perspiration and the touch is similar to Egyptian cotton. In addition, silver ion deodorization technology is added to the soles of the feet, which will not Effectiveness may be reduced by time or number of washes.

85% Nylon technical nylon
7% Lycra Lycra
4% Cotton
2% elastane
2% Silver Fiber Silver Ion/Deodorant

Cleaning method
The best way to wash is by hand. Do not rub or rub vigorously to extend the life of the product.
For machine washing, it is recommended to put the front side of the socks in a laundry bag, keep the water temperature below 30°C, and use neutral detergent (PH value between 6-8).
Do not use bleach, fluorescent whitening agents, fabric softeners and avoid soaking in sports performance detergent for too long.
Avoid powdery lotions, because if the micro-gaps in your socks are blocked, it's equivalent to losing part of their functionality.
If you have any doubts about whether your own laundry detergent will cause fading, please wash it separately.
Please wash dark and light colors separately, do not soak or dry clean. Avoid direct sunlight and dryers. It is better to dry in the shade.

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