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FLIPPOS MCP (Maze Cushioning Plus)

The Māori have a legend that their ancestors rode whales to bring the tribe through a storm to New Zealand. For them, the whale is thus a spiritual symbol of power and tradition.
Whale Rider (Te Kaieke Tohorā) is a famous novel that was later turned into an internationally acclaimed movie. The story tells of a girl, Paikea, in a patriarchal society that favors men over women. Because of her sex, she is unable to inherit the chieftain position despite the strength of her abilities. She later discovers, however, that what she has inherited is her ancestors’ ability to communicate with whales. She helps a beached whale return to the sea, and changes the fixed traditional beliefs regarding the chieftain.
In the end, the story has Paikea help whales return to their home, just as whales formerly brought her people to the land. Dealing with ideas of inheritance and environmental sustainability, Whale Rider shows that while patriarchal traditions were created by humans, they may be overturned by a mindset of destiny.

The socks depict the all-encompassing nature of marine life using the traditional Māori Moko tattoo style. The composition has the tail of the whale as the head, and the ghost manta ray in the middle is likened to a whale rider. In Māori culture, the ghost manta ray is like a massive cloak symbolizing the soul’s protector.
The sea turtle in the background represents love and peace, while on the two sides the whales leaping from the water are like the whale rider silently guarding the ocean. Because Māori live by fishing, the body has a fish hook (Hei Matau) ring in the hope that the person who owns this pair of socks will have good fortune.

The original idea of FLIPPOS hosiery is to create a pair of compression stocking fulfilling functions in every way. You could wear it to the office and exercise after work as well. Simply with ONE SAME pair of stocking.
Considering that most people either sit or stand for a long time for work in which cause the fatigue condition upon feet and calf, we develop our hosiery to apply ‘graduated compression’ from the sole of the foot to calf to improve this situation.

In order to cater for any occasion and any outfit, FLIPPOS creates the first compression hosiery that can be folded. You could wear it knee-high or fold it to the calf. The item can be transformed into socks within seconds.
★Length BEFORE flipping: Knee-High
★Length AFTER flipping: 18cm above ankle

FLIPPOS MCP (Maze Cushioning Plus)
FLIPPOS’ ultimate goal is the pursuit of the ultimate product. This time we have upgraded our original patented maze cushioning to strengthen the sole’s “knitted maze damping.” Both the hardness and the rebound speed are significantly improved, so when running, jumping or climbing, the notable shock-absorbing effect means no loss of power and full athletic release.

The compression levels adopted by FLIPPOS are the graduated compressions of 15-25 mmHg in accordance with EU regulation, which is NOT considered a high-compression medical product.

Daily wear, before and after exercise (running, cycling, skateboarding, mountain-climbing, physical training, etc.), traveling, taking long-distance flights, or improving problems before and after pregnancy.

The touch of similar to Egyptian cotton silver fiber

The main material of the hosiery is tech nylon mixed with lycra yarn. In addition to that this material is four times more expensive than ordinary combed cotton, the main functions are quick moisture wicking and the touch of similar to Egyptian cotton.On top of that, silver fiber deodorizing technology has been added to the sole of stocking. The effect will NOT be reduced due to either the number of times being washed or however long the products has been bought.

85% Tech Nylon
7% Lycra
4% Cotton
2% Spandex
2% Silver Fiber silver ion/ deodorization

We recommended that the best washing method is hand washing which could extend the use life for the products.
FLIPPOS recommend to place the socks into a laundry bag when machine washing. The water temperature should be below 30 °C and use a neutral lotion (pH between 6-8).
Please do not use bleach, fluorescent whitening agents, clothing softeners and avoid immersion in functional detergents for too long.
Avoid powdery detergent, because if the micro-slits on the socks are blocked, it is equivalent to losing some of the function.
If you have any doubts about whether your laundry detergent will cause fading, please wash it separately.
Please wash the dark and light colors separately and do not soak and dry clean.
Avoid direct sunlight and dryers,

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