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The hand-drawn graffiti FLIPPOS logo conveys that life is like a graffiti wall; you don’t necessarily need a regular layout or have great painting skills to be successful in life

Color: black / asphalt grey

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Sold and shipped by: Aloha Medical Limited

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✔Janerino® Merino Technical Wool / Cool in Summer / Warm in Winter
✔Fast-Drying / Odor-Free / Warm When Wet / Multi-Function
✔Hand Made Tie-Dyed / One of a Kind
✔Oversized Fit / Side Hem
✔Ultralight Care Label / Flip-over to Hide
✔Hidden Pocket / Small Stash
✔Reusable Coaster Tag / Reusable Package

Made with Janerino® merino technical wool, uses advanced weaving techniques to perfectly combine fine soft Australian merino wool with artificial fibers. The improved merino wool is more functional, durable and very comfortable.

Ultralight Janeiro® wool makes for the best training top all year round: quick-drying, sweat-wicking and odor-resistant in summer, while in winter it stays warm even when wet so the body doesn’t lose heat.

Each tee is hand-dyed by the artist, making no two the same.

Dropped shoulder oversized fit with hem fringe on the side makes the overall proportions look good and stylish.

Ultralight information washing label won’t scratch the body on the outside, you can flip to hide it if you don’t want it showing.

Out-of-sight small pocket can hold banknotes, credit cards etc.

FLIPPOS’s classic graphic design tag can be reuse as a coaster, also the package is reusable.

100% Janerino® technical wool fabric
44% Merino + 56% Polyester

Cleaning method
✔To avoid dye transfer, please wash dark and light colored clothes separately
✔Do not use bleach or laundry detergent containing bleaching and brightening; do not soak to avoid damaging the fabric
✔If you want to keep the product in shape, please put it in a laundry mesh bag of appropriate size for cleaning
✔When washing, the water temperature is recommended to be lower than 30℃, please do not rub vigorously
✔After cleaning, please adjust the product shape as soon as possible and hang it to dry / lay it flat to dry in the shade
✔Do not put it wet to avoid staining the clothes; please dehydrate at a low speed and do not tumble dry to avoid shrinkage of the clothes.
✔Some materials need to be ironed with a low-temperature pad, and the temperature should not exceed 110℃
✔When wearing, please pay attention to the clothing to avoid contact with accessories, bags and other objects.
✔When handmade tie-dyed products are washed for the first few times, it is normal for the washed water to be darker and does not affect use.

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