〔Design Story〕
Aboriginal Australians have been around for more than 50,000 years, making them one of the world’s most ancient civilizations with a unique culture, beliefs and worldview. Aboriginal Australians believe that before humans appeared on the scene, the creator was incarnated into all kinds of totemic and ancestor spirits that emerged from the earth and came down from the skies and awoke a dark and quiet world.
They created the stars, the Moon and the Sun; they pieced together mountains, rivers, trees and lakes into a natural environment, and they separated their own bodies into humans and animals. This mythical creation period is known as Dream Time.
Aboriginal Australians hold that when a person is born, they are detached from Dream Time to enter the world, briefly returning there while dreaming. After death, the soul casts off the mortal body to truly return to Dream Time to, where the soul awaits its next reincarnation. They believe that the time and space of Dream Time exists in parallel, happening at the same time, while time in our world happens sequentially.
In other words, our world is just one space and time existing in a parallel universe, and Dream Time is all the universes combined.

#FLIPPOS design
Through their art, music and dance, Aborginal Australians connect their worship of totem ancestor spirits and their yearning for Dream Time. This time we have used detailed Dot Art converging into circles of different sizes to show a three-dimensional sense of the primeval Earth, while a tree of life laden with fruit takes a biblical metaphor to express humanity departing Dream Time and our life here beginning.
When the socks are flipped, we’ve taken advantage of the socks’ weaving method with free-flowing lines creating dizzying ripples and a complex visual effect that suggests this chaotic yet orderly real world.

The original idea of FLIPPOS hosiery is to create a pair of compression stockings fulfilling functions in every way. You could wear it to the office and exercise after work as well. Simply with ONE SAME pair of stockings.
Considering that most people either sit or stand for a long time for work in which cause the fatigue condition upon feet and calf, we develop our hosiery to apply ‘graduated compression from the sole of the foot to the calf to improve this situation.
Additionally, wearing FLIPPOS during exercise could reduce muscle vibration effectively, produce greater strength, and improve the speed of fatigue recovery after exercising.

Flip the length, flip the attitude.
In order to cater for any occasion and any outfit, FLIPPOS creates the first compression hosiery that can be folded. You could wear it knee-high or fold it to the calf. The item can be transformed into socks within seconds.
★Length BEFORE flipping: Knee-High
★Length AFTER flipping: 18cm above ankle

〔Product Features〕

  • This is a pair of functional compression socks, the compression value falls within 15-25mmHG
  • It’s not sultry in summer and keep your feet warm in winter
  • Original design, changing stockings into short socks in one second
  • Relieve the discomfort of sitting and standing for a long time
  • Technological yarn, feels like Egyptian cotton
  • Relieve daily stress
  • Fix calf muscles to increase exercise power
  • Increase the speed of recovery after exercise
  • Quickly dry and wick away sweat, and dry socks all day long
  • Silver fiber is anti-bacterial, it won't smell bad even after few days
  • Proudly made in Taiwan

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

The main material of the hosiery is tech nylon mixed with lycra yarn. In addition to that this material is four times more expensive than ordinary combed cotton, the main functions are quick moisture wicking and the touch of similar to Egyptian cotton.On top of that, silver fiber deodorizing technology has been added to the sole of stocking. The effect will NOT be reduced due to either the number of times being washed or however long the products has been bought. 85% Tech Nylon, 7% Lycra, 4% Cotton, 2% Spandex, 2% Silver Fiber silver ion


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