Coulee 20 Women's Hiking Backpack 20L - Atlantic

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Lightweight, durable, comfortable and not burdensome to the user, the use of high-quality materials and robust design allows users to carry it for a long time without fatigue.

Color: pastel blue

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-3-ZIP zipper design makes it easy and quick to open the backpack for easy access to objects
-The straps and waist belts can be fine-tuned according to the length of the back torso to make the backpack more in line with your body, so that the backpack weight is evenly distributed on the contact point of the belt, effectively transferring and distributing the weight.
-Pockets on both sides of the belt provide extra storage for small items
-The stretch-woven two side back pockets hold lightweight clothing
-Elastic pockets on both sides for easy access to water bottles
-The zippered lid compartment on top holds small items, your phone or your camera
-ADDITIONAL MYSTERY RANCH SMALL QUICK ATTACH ZOID BAG or other carry-on accessory bag can be purchased and snapped on the attached ring to increase storage space.
-Water bladder can be stored
-Side compression straps for stabilizing loads and binding

Capacity: 20L
Weight: 1.2 kg
Size: 51x25x21cm
Uses: Daily use, work backpack, travel backpack

Women size
Torso: 13-18in/33-46cm
Waist: 26-36in/66-91cm

Torso: 16-22in/41-56cm
Waist: 35-40in/89-102cm

Technical information

volume (in L)

20 L

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Technical information

volume (in L)

20 L