3-in-1 Fan, LED light and powerbank. 5 blade fan design with 10,000mAh battery capacity that also doubles as a fast charge powerbank.
Wireless air circulator fan. With a large capacity 10,000mAh battery, it can be used for up to 27 hours with a single charge.

Handheld, handing or standing use
Max fan runtime of 27h
10W 10,000mAh fast charge in or out
LED Ring light with max runtime of 100h
Timer setting to conserve power
Detachable fan hood for easy cleaning
Doubles as a 10,000mAh powerbank

Powerup a campfire, light up a tent, keep the cool circulating, charge your phone, this is a true multifunction camp or home tool.
SILENT AND POWERFUL - 5 blade design with 3 levels of wind speed gets you exactly the amount of airflow you need. With a highly efficient brushless motor, get up to 8 hours use on high or 27 hours on low. Removable fan hood for easy cleaning.

BUILT IN LED RING LIGHT AND POWERBANK - For camping, videos or just atmospheric lighting. 3 brightness level that run from 100 hours on low to 28 hours on the brightest setting. 10,000mAh is one of the largest for portable fans, takes arounf 4.5h to fully charge, and can double as a 10W powerbank for phones and devices.

HOLD IT, MOUNT IT, HANG IT - Included tripod and 360 deg adjustable ball head lets you position it with ease, or remove the tripod and hang it via the included loop at the back of the fan. Universal 1/4" screw matches standard photography gear as well so you can mount them anywhere to cool anything.

The more functions a single tool has, the more valuable it is when it comes to desk space / backpacking.
This new fan solves 3 specific things: airflow, lighting and power.

Easily position the fan where ever you need airflow with the 360 deg ball head tripod that works even on uneven surfaces. Need it overhead? remove the tripod and use the loop on the back. Once you have it perfectly positioned, the LED ring light gets you perfect soft task lighting.

What once took you a fan and a lantern, now only takes 1 tool, and to back it all up, the large 10,000mAh battery give you many nights of runtime or use it as a energency powerbank.

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