ONESEC is a pioneer in electrochromic smartwear. Featuring exclusive ONESEC technology, the photosensitive chip embedded in the temple of our sunglasses triggers a one second, instant color-changing reaction in the liquid crystal lenses the moment the user's eyes are exposed to bright light (even inside a car!), ensuring instant protection to the eyes.

Unprecedented Battery Life
30,000 hours battery life.

Product Specifications:
Product size : 150 x 41.2 x 119 mm
(Width - Height - Length)

Carrying case 、Eyewear case、
Optical frames、Warranty card、Microfiber cloth、
Product card

User Guide:

  • Please wipe down lenses with a microfiber cloth
    before and after use.
  • The lenses are not user replaceable.
  • Always store in the provided eyewear case after use
    to avoid breakage.
  • Keep away from hard or sharp objects.
  • It is typical for the lenses to display a colored hue
    when looking at electronic displays.
  • When the battery reached EOL (End of Life), the dark
    state will become the lenses's default state.
  • Do not store this product in a vehicle to avoid
    prolonged high temperature exposure.
  • This product is water-resistant, not water-proof, do
    not submerge into liquids.
  • Avoid sungazing while using the product.
  • Avoid using if the lenses are cracked or damaged.
  • Avoid storing close to high temperature environments.

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