PÄRZT Heavy Duty EAB Elastic Adhesive Tape is very strong and is not tearable.  You will not be able to tear tape by hands and scissors is required to properly cut these tape. Yet heavy duty EAB is very stretchy because of its high elastic component.

These strapping tapes can be used over the top of rigid strapping tape to reinforce the taping that has been applied to an area or used as an anchor point for rigid strapping tapes, around areas such as thighs and upper arms. This avoids the tourniquet effect that may occur from using a rigid circumferential anchor. EAB tape are available in 75mm, 50mm and 25mm widths, used differently depending on where they are to be applied.

PREMIUM CLOTH BANDAGE TAPE – use of premium woven cotton cloth. This means greater tensile strength, improved comfort and increased breathability. Perfect for heavy duty taping applications that require additional strength.
A firm favourite in rugby, it is mainly used for shoulder strapping, as an over-wrap for Zinc Oxide taping applications or to hold lifting blocks in place.
EAB offers the perfect blend of tensile strength, adhesion and conformability. Meaning it will stay on the pitch as long as you do.

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