The Power Plate is a combination of high-tech and sports fitness principles that has been popular in foreign countries for several years.

With the patented PrecisionWave™ technology the body's muscles will contract and contract up to 1800 - 2400 times a minute, thus stimulating the muscles to respond multiple times per second and speeding up the results of the workout by 5.8 times.

Take your health and fitness to its highest level with more than 250 customized programs and more than 1,000 individual exercises. The Power Plate my7 is the pinnacle of our patented whole body vibration technology.

This advanced whole body vibration device features an integrated touchscreen computer complete with more than 1,000 exercise videos and coaching tips to guide you through whole-body vibration training tailored to your needs.

Plus, our proMOTION™ dynamic cables are embedded into the my7, our largest home unit platform. With the Power Plate my7, your training and your possibilities are limitless.

〔Key Features〕
• The deluxe home-use model
• 10" Smart touch panel with built-in Windows PC, more than 250 workout programs, and over 1000 action videos
• Vibration Frequency: Preset to 30Hz, 35Hz, 40Hz with every 5Hz increments, easy to change, on-the-fly frequency meets the needs of all fitness levels
• Time setting: 30, 45, or 60 seconds, fine-tuned every 15 seconds, up to 9 minutes
• Amplitude setting: High/Low, the amplitude is the vertical movement during vibration
• Built-in speaker and headphone jack for listening to teaching instructions
• Single-button control lower control panel is convenient for direct operation in low posture or floor movements
• The panel shows the remaining time of the movement
• The patented DualSync dual motor control system produces stable, accurate 3D vibration frequencies (up and down, front and back, left and right) for optimal vibration training.
• PrecisionWave™ Technology: High-fidelity harmonic vibration system that provides uncompromising performance for unsurpassed results
• A large vibrating platform for a variety of training movements. Anti-slip design for safety during exercise
• Shock absorbers to protect motor components underneath the equipment
• Comes with a soft pad for protection during training
• Built-in adjustable resistance rope system (PRO MOTION®) utilizes special cable material (Vectran) for efficient transmission of vibration frequencies.
• The PRO MOTION® provides centrifugal and centripetal resistance, the user can perform a full range of motion single/dual arm training movements in several different orientations (sagittal, frontal, horizontal)
• Resistance cable accessories and extension kits are available to enhance resistance training, providing an all-encompassing upper and lower body workout with our patented proMotion cable system
• Built-in unibody design, streamlined and stylish
• APP available in App Store and Google play, you could access a range of • Power Plate workouts and exercises by professionals trainers
• Warranty: 2 Years, 3 months for wearable
• Power Plate®'s unique Advanced Vibration Technology™ is now an industry leader and has been recognized in many medical and academic studies.
• Adjustable resistance rope system accessories and usage
• Interaction APP is available in Android and App Stores

Machine Dimensions (WxDxH): 84cm x 98cm x 150cm
Platform Dimensions: 84cm x 74cm
Unit Weight: 295lbs, 134kg
Max load: 350lb, 159kg
Nominal Power in Operation: 160-185W
Support 10 languages, including Simplified Chinese
Includes: Remote Control, proMOTION Handles (set of 2), Hand Straps (set of 2), Rubber Mat, Dust Covers (column and platform)
Certifications: CE, EMC, RoHs/WEEE, CB, NRTL, C-NRTL, PSE, FDA Listed as Class 1 Device

〔Why choose a power plate?〕

  • The Acceleration Training® of the Power Plate is based on Newton's second law of motion: F (force) = M (mass) x A (acceleration), unlike most exercise machines that use weights to increase the intensity, the Power Plate uses high-frequency vibrations of 30 to 40 times per second to increase the "acceleration" of the exercise.

  • The Power Plate is designed to increase the effectiveness of exercise by increasing the "acceleration" through high-frequency vibrations of 30-40 times per second.

Technical information

  • workout type strenght
  • width (in cm) 84 cm
  • height (in cm) 150 cm
  • length (in cm) 98 cm

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Technical information

workout type


width (in cm)

84 cm

height (in cm)

150 cm

length (in cm)

98 cm