Triton Thunder 3-in-1 waterproof insulation suit, multifunctional all-weather suit, ideal for traveling/skiing/snow/studying abroad. 3 ways to wear it, with InsulLoft™ high thermal insulation fleece jacket liner, can be removed to wear alone or combined with the waterproof jacket 2, you can match it according to the changing weather. The waterproof cap is removable.

Made with TROPNEX™ breathable material:
‧ All seams are covered with waterproof stickers, which are 100% waterproof and windproof. There are many claims in the market that "waterproof" jackets do not have waterproof stickers on the inner wrap or not all the seams. Since the stickers are located on the bottom layer of the waterproof material, customers generally cannot see the difference, but when it rains heavily, they will find the seams. Water seepage problem!
‧ Up to 10,000mm water pressure test.
‧ Air permeability 10,000/meter square/24 hrs.

Insulation cotton jacket insulation layer:
‧ InsulLoft™ is a high-performance thermal insulation sponge
‧ Consists of ultra-fine hollow cotton fibers, with extremely high compression, ultra-light and soft to the touch.
Highly water-repellent function, can still provide thermal insulation performance in wet conditions.
Highly breathable and quick drying.

3 in 1 wearing method:
‧ Waterproof and breathable jacket - rainy season
‧ Insulation of thermal insulation cotton jacket - autumn and winter
‧ Insulation cotton liner + waterproof jacket - cold climate

Technical information

  • main material cotton
  • waterproof Waterproof

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Technical information

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