• The UNIX pneumatic massager is certified by the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare as a Class II medical device. Its scientific name is the "Lymphatic Circulation Machine" (also known as the "Limbs Circulation Machine"). It can be continuously used to eliminate accumulated fatigue substances and metabolic waste from the body, enhance immune function, improve cold hands and feet, enhance sleep quality, promote metabolism, and aid in detoxification.

  • The high-power air pump of the best exercise recovery equipment delivers air to each airbag, including newly designed foot airbags. It envelops the legs in a boot-like shape, providing a massage to relieve the soreness and fatigue of the legs after exercise, and achieving optimal decompression and relaxation effects. It is a must-have tool for relaxing the legs after exercise.

  • Use the UNIX pneumatic massager to relax and relieve leg soreness caused by exercise, and quickly restore muscle strength to keep you in the best condition at all times. The UNIX massager offers ten different massage modes, providing a variety of massage options.

  • It features adjustable four-stage pressure, allowing you to adjust it appropriately according to your own condition. The UNIX pneumatic massager adopts a fully-wrapped design to massage your fatigued legs after exercise from all angles, resulting in significant recovery effects.

  • Compared to regular massage machines, the compact and easily storable UNIX pneumatic massager is not only small and lightweight but also very easy to store without taking up much space.


  • Rated Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 30W
  • Main Unit Weight: 2kg, 1 piece
  • Main Unit Dimensions: 240mm (length) x 120mm (height) x 190mm (width)

SHIPPING LEAD TIME - 3 to 5 working days

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