V-AQUA 18W7301 Fivefingers Shoes - Black

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Sale starts 26/2/2024
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V-AQUA by Vibram use Vibram Megagrip technology, this technology can provide excellent anti-slip and wear resistance, making you more stable and confident during water sports

Color: black

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The Vibram V SOUL features advanced XS TREK technology, which provides exceptional traction and durability, allowing you to easily navigate any terrain.

The shoe is designed to be lightweight, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience during exercise.

The unique design of the Vibram V SOUL features a toe-separation design that allows your toes to move freely, enhancing stability and control.

The shoe also has a thin sole that allows you to feel the terrain beneath your feet, encouraging proper form and posture

EU37 (225mm)
EU38 (232mm)
EU39 (238mm)
EU40 (244mm)
EU41 (251mm)

Technical information


no waterproof

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Technical information


no waterproof