Pace GPS running watch and wrist heart rate monitor - black red

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Our running designers and Coros have developed this watch to allow you to measure the speed and distance of your run, as well as your heart rate.

Looking for a comprehensive watch to measure your running performances? Measure your heart rate on your wrist and programme your interval training with this GPS watch.

Color: black

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Products benefits

Parameter measurement

Measure your distance, speed, pace and heart rate on your wrist.


Do interval training or use target zones thanks to the different programmes.


Transfer your sessions to your smartphone and Strava with the connected watch.


Rechargeable battery life: 25 hours in GPS mode, 30 days in watch mode.


Run without worrying about getting splashed with 5 ATM impermeability.

Technical information

Measure your activities

Measure your running sessions thanks to the essential information provided by the Pace GPS watch:
Stopwatch | Speed (current and average) | Pace (current and average) | Distance covered | Calories expended | Current heart rate displayed immediately on your wrist | Time | Date | Alarm | Back lighting.

Measure your heart rate on your wrist

You no longer need a belt to measure your heart rate while you're running! The Pace GPS watch measures your heart rate directly on your wrist.

View your session on your smartphone

Transfer data from your Pace GPS watch thanks to the Bluetooth Smart technology and view your sessions immediately on your smartphone using the Coros connect application (available on iOS and Android).
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Enjoy compatibility with Strava

Want to share your sessions with your friends, follow them and compete against yourself on routes or segments? The Coros connect app is compatible with the STRAVA sports social network.

To transfer your data onto the Strava social network, use the Coros Connect application on your smartphone via Bluetooth.
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Improve your performance with interval training

Easily set up a full interval training session with your Pace GPS watch: warm-up time, activity time, rest time and warm-down time, number of reps of interval runs and rest time between reps.

Multisport mode

You now benefit from a multisports mode with the Pace GPS watch!
Choose your sport at the start of the session: the information on the screen will be tailored automatically to the chosen sport.
This information can be fully configured for each of the available sports: running, cycling, walking, hiking, other.

Manage your efforts with the target zone function

Manage your efforts more effectively and reach your goals more easily! The Target Zone function allows you to configure a speed, pace or heart rate zone.
Using this function, your GPS watch will provide a real-time indication of whether or not you are within the programmed working zone. And a graphic indicator on the screen and a sound signal will warn you if you leave this zone!

Automatic lap time

Set your chosen distance and you will automatically see your lap time thanks to this function.

Manual lap time

The Pace GPS GPS watch will allow you to record laps or lap times manually.
Each time you press the button, an information window will indicate your lap time, as well as the number of laps completed.

Battery life

Enjoy a 25-hour battery life when using GPS, and 30 days when in watch mode thanks to the lithium-ion battery.


Watch with a two-year warranty.

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Metallic structure 85% Polycarbonate-Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, 10% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, 5% Acrylic Board for surf 60% PCBA, 25% Copper, 10% Silicone, 5% Stainless Steel Strap 100% Silicone

User Restrictions

Does not measure speed and distance covered indoors.


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