Stainless steel scuba diving pointer, leash and carabiner

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The perfect accessory for pointing out sights no one should miss when diving (corals, fish...), without exposing your fingers!

The perfect diving accessory for guides or pair diving, lets you point out everything there is to see while keeping your fingers protected!

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    Products benefits

    Ease of use

    A simple pointer that let’s you point out things that shouldn’t be missed!

    Resistance to salt water

    Aluminium pointer

    Technical information


    length: 34 cm
    Diameter: 8 mm
    Aluminium 6061


    This pointer was designed to allow you to point out interesting things to your diving partner without having to expose your fingers!
    It can also be used as an audible signal by tapping it against your scuba tank.
    It comes with a spiral leash, a ring and a carabiner for attaching it to your vest.


    2 years


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