Street Football

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Designed for Football and Street Football players that play on hard, abrasive pitches (concrete, asphalt, short artificial turf, carpet)

Dominate every game with the BARRIO ball designed for Street Football. Whether you play on your neighbourhood pitch, in your garden, or on the street, this ball is designed to withstand your best dribbling.

Color: pale grey

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Products benefits


Ultra durable component and hidden seams for increased durability


Smaller size and a semi-controlled bounce for fast, technical play

Lasting air retention

Optimal pressure retention thanks to its butyl and natural rubber bladder.

Ball touch

100% PU textured outer cover provides both durability and playing comfort

Technical information

The Barrio project: the story behind our street football brand

The Barrio project emerged from a meeting of minds between football fans and street football legends who all wanted to promote the sport.
Whether you refer to it as street football or street soccer, it's the least restricted and most played type of football in the world. It's where some of the greatest footballing stars in the world first learned the ropes.
So if, like them, you let nothing come between you and the ball, join our team and be part of the Barrio story.

A "made in the Street" design

In partnership with the well-known S3 Freestyle team, we launched a competition on social media to design our first ball created specifically for Street Football.
After thousands of people cast their vote on one of 20 designs, artist @haniazg came out on top with their graphic design for the Barrio ball.
Then it was up to our design teams to make the winning submission a reality.

A unique design for an ideal playing experience

Being fans of Street Football ourselves, we took special care to collaborate, listen and play with footballers so that we could perfect every technical feature and enhance your play on urban pitches like concrete, asphalt, short artificial turf and carpet.
With its smaller size, medium bounce (higher than a futsal ball but lower than a traditional football) and a durable textured component, this ball will become your go-to on the pitch.

An asphalt-proof ball

In order to validate and optimize the durability of this ball on abrasive pitches like concrete, asphalt, short artificial turf and carpet, we used a unique protocol to test a range of different materials: each prototype was launched 100 times at a speed of 120 km/h onto the concrete community pitch in our design centre. This helped us identify and select the component most resistant to abrasion


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Bladder 70% Dry Rubber, 30% Latex Styrene Butadiene Rubber Outer shell 60% Polyurethane, 30% Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, 10% Polyester


After use, store your ball in a dry and ventilated place.


Tested on the most abrasive pitches like concrete, asphalt, short artificial turf and carpet

Approved By

Players looking for speed, accuracy and durability on all urban pitches

Maintenance advice

Dampen the needle.

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