Tennis Ball TB930 Speed 4-Pack - Yellow

Ref. : 8576144

Our designers created this ball for tennis players to use on hard and clay courts in competition matches. 2 tubes of 4 balls.

This premium tennis ball is highly robust and recommended for its speed.

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Products benefits


Good liveliness due to its high rebound and compression resistance.

Directional control

Lively ball that delivers more control as it is used.

Abrasion resistance

Good rebound robustness due to its natural felt composition (75%).


Its natural rubber and felt retain its excellent bounce properties.

Technical information


This ball is made of 75% natural felt, which makes it very robust.


This ball has a core made from natural rubber. This provides a quality bounce and excellent robustness.
This core was developed in collaboration with our partner factory.


2 tubes of 4 balls.


58.4 g
ITF standard between 56 g and 59.4 g.


6.54 centimetres
ITF standard between 6.54 centimetres and 6.86 centimetres.

Bounce height

142 cm (ball dropped from a height of 2.54 m)
ITF standard between 135 cm and 147 cm.

Ball deformation

High viscosity index for a more comfortable ball.
The viscosity index is calculated by measuring how much the ball deforms.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Metallic structure 100% Synthetic Rubber Outer shell 59% Wool, 25% Polyamide, 16% Cotton


Use the balls within 1 months of opening the tube. De-pressurised balls lose their bounce after 2 weeks without use.


Before being taken out on the court, our balls undergo several tests.
Laboratory tests validate the following elements (weight, diameter, compression and rebound height).
Field tests are carried out with our partner testers in order to evaluate our products for: playing sensations experienced, liveliness, control, robustness and rebound stability.These balls are approved by the ITF (International Tennis Federation), the FFT (French Tennis Federation), and the FIT (Italian Tennis Federation).

Approved By

All Artengo technical partners, as well as various high-level players, have tested and approved this ball in use.

Maintenance advice

Do not wash

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry-clean

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