Tennis Balls TB110 x 3 - Orange

Ref. : 8588569

Our designers created this ball for children aged 8 to 11 who are learning and practising tennis. ITF approved ball.

This ball has been approved by the International Tennis Federation (STAGE 2). Its slower speed and lower bounce help your child improve when practising tennis.

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Products benefits


High-quality components make this a durable pressureless ball.


This ball's bounce equals 50% of that of a normal ball, perfect for learning.


Slow, it gives the time to place yourself and increases rallies.

Directional control

Very good ball control.

Technical information

Ease of use

The TB110 has a slower speed and lower bounce - 50% lower than regular balls - making it great for quickly improving your game.It's between the TB100 (STAGE 3, bounce 75% lower than regular balls), and the TB120 (STAGE 1, bounce 25% lower than regular balls)


3 ball pack (cardboard).


2 years

More About Product

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Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Inner fabric 100% Latex Rubber Outer shell 70% Acrylic, 15% Wool, 15% Polyamide


Avoid major temperature fluctuations which have a strong impact on ball performance. Store in a dry place.


Ball tested and approved by our certified club trainers at partner clubs.

Approved By

Our club partners greatly appreciated its value for money. ITF approved ball.

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