Women's Cross-Straps Light Support Sports Bra - Black

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This sports bra offers light support for the bust, perfect for low-impact sports.

Feel free to move as you please in this sports bra with a cross-back for unobstructed shoulders and wide openings under the arms for greater ease of movement.

Color: smoked black

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Products benefits

Breast support

Level 1 light support suitable for low-impact sports (yoga, weight lifting,...)

Freedom of movement

Crossed straps to keep the shoulders free and wide openings under the arms.

Moisture management

Low back for optimum breathability during exercise.

Technical information

For what types of activity is this sports bra suitable?

The support of this sports bra has been validated at level 1. So it's suitable for all low-impact sports: weight training, yoga, pilates, walking, golf, etc.

Why does the light support sports bra make sport easier?

The basis of sport is being able to move. That's why we've added all the details you need to enjoy sport in complete freedom.
The straps are crossed at the back to free up the shoulder area and allow your arms to move freely. This clearance also lets the back breathe during exercise and allows perspiration to evacuate more easily. Large openings under the arms also offer permanent comfort and greater ease of movement.

What is the cut of the light support sports bra?

You can do sport and still want to feel pretty. At least, that's how we see things at Decathlon.
This light support sports bra has been designed to help women look their best during weight training or indoor sports sessions. It can be worn with nothing on top.The pleated, lined front, removable cups and V-neckline enhance the bust. For a total look, team it with the matching leggings.

Why is it important to protect the bust during exercise?

During sport, your breasts, which are fragile and supported almost entirely by the skin, are subjected to much greater stress than in everyday life. Whatever your size or age, they are subject to movements and bouncing that can create a force of up to five times their actual weight. A sports bra gives them the support, comfort and protection they need. It protects them from impact, pain and premature sagging.

High, medium or light support, how do you choose?

During sport, the skin and ligaments of the bust are stretched. Without sufficient support, you risk pain or premature sagging. However, too much support can also be harmful in the long term. It is therefore necessary to adapt the level of support of your sports bra to the size of your cup and the intensity of the impacts you experience. The aim is to protect your bust without altering the natural movement of the breasts.

What levels of support do Decathlon sports bras offer?

The models are validated in our laboratories using a bust support test that measures the reduction in the acceleration of breast movement during sport. They are evaluated and classified from 1 to 5: 1 for light support, 3 for medium support and 5 for high support.

Which level of sports bra support for which sport?

The support of the sports bra must be adapted to the sport being played. Our range comprises 3 levels:
- Level 1: light support for activities that produce gentle movements of the bust (Yoga, Pilates, stretching, golf, etc.);
- Level 3: medium support for activities that generate moderate bounce (cycling, dance, fitness, cardio-training, etc.);
- Level 5: high support for activities associated with intensive movements (HIIT, running, tennis, team sports, horse riding).

How to find the right size for your sports bra

A sports bra size that's right for you ensures that your bust is supported and comfortable: feel free to use our online size guide, next to the size selection.

How are Decathlon sports bras designed?

Decathlon sports bras are created by our team of experts, to optimise your level of comfort and avoid health problems. We don't use underwires, to avoid the risk of injury and compression of the lymph nodes. We minimise the seams around the nipple to reduce the risk of irritation. We also favour components that wick away perspiration to ensure your comfort and considerably reduce the risk of irritation.

How to look after the light support sports bra

Designed for sports use, this sports bra can be washed over and over again. We simply advise you to wash it at no more than 30°C in our laundry bag, sold separately. (ref. 8505236).
Use liquid detergent, rather than powder, and avoid fabric softeners. They could damage the breathability of the fabrics. Do not tumble dry.


2 years

Product concept & technology

Product Composition

Outside shell - Main fabric 48% Polyester, 43% Polyamide, 9% Elastane Lining center front 66% Polyester, 21% Polyamide, 13% Elastane Rib fabric 55% Polyester, 27% Elastane, 18% Polyamide


Support: the support is tested and approved by testers in the Decathlon laboratory using breast displacement measurements. Each size is tested individually.
Perspiration wicking:the perspiration wicking test is carried out on each fabric, in the laboratory, to check that the fabric absorbs, transfers moisture from the inside to the outside of the fabric and wicks it away.
Washing: washing and drying tests guarantee the product withstands the test of time (shape and colour).

Approved By

This product has been tried by female testers in the Decathlon laboratory in order to validate the support. Then a panel of female testers tried it out during an indoor weight training session (use test protocol) to confirm its ease and comfort during sporting activities. They then continued the long-term test for 6 months to put the product through its paces.

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